Літня школа Йожефа Анталла

Магістри, аспіранти та молоді науковці з галузей політичних і соціальних наук запрошуються до участі в літній шуолі Йожефа Антала, яка буде присвячена відносинам між країнами Вишеградської групи та державами Західних Балкан.

Дати: 3 – 14 липня 2017 року.

Місце: Будапешт, Угорщина.

Дедлайн: 31 березня 2017 року.

Детальний опис англійською:

The Knowledge Centre is an organisation independent of parties, ideologies and current politics. Its primary objectives are to foster the Antall tradition and promote the spread of knowledge. With the aim of offering a more comprehensive picture of the Central European Region and the Visegrad Cooperation, the Knowledge Centre organises its third international Antall József Summer School between 4 and 15 July 2016 at the Antall József Knowledge Centre.

The Knowledge Centre invites 50 participants, aged 20-35, primarily from the V4 countries, the CEI and Eastern Partnership member states. However, application is also open for MA and PhD students and young professionals with a university degree from non-eligible countries.

Application requirements
To apply successfully, you have to

  • provide a Proof of English Proficiency (Minimum Level: B2 / Language Certificate Required),
  • fill in the Online Application Form,
  • submit a Letter of Recommendation (the letter of recommendation must be written in English by a faculty member or job supervisor, and it should be no older than 3 months),
  • submit a Letter of Motivation (maximum one-page long) and a Curriculum Vitae.

All application materials must be submitted via the online application form. Materials sent by regular post or email will not be considered.
Please submit your application only when it is final and complete as applications cannot be edited after submission.

Registration Fee: 80 EUR – The registration fee shall be transferred to our account only after you are admitted to the Summer School – all applicants are bound to pay the registration fee, regardless of nationality or financial status.

Please kindly note that there is an age limit, so we accept applications from people aged 21-35.


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