Рекламна пропозиція – інформація українською мовою тут

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to offer you our advertisement services.

We promote educational opportunities and initiatives abroad for the Ukrainian audience. If your information refers to education, internships, or vacancies abroad and corresponds to the interests of our audience, we will be glad to publish your material.

Our audience is the representatives of the academic community and young people who are interested in education abroad.

All materials at our site can be published in Ukrainian or in English with Ukrainian introduction.

Media kit UniStudy: Explore our opportunities for advertising!

Our advertisement services are below:

1) our basic service (publication + newsletter + posts in social networks: Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram) costs 28 euro

2) anchorage of your publication in the TOP of the site (like this)
1 day – 4 euro
3 days – 9 euro
1 week – 20 euro

3) exclusive newsletter on 14K + emails (all links lead to your resource, publication is on Thursdays) – 85 euro.

4) right column banner (300х250 px.)
1 week – 17 euro
1 month – 43 euro

5) header page banner (728х90 px)
1 week – 28 euro
1 month – 70 euro


If you are interested in the publication of your advertisement please send us the e-mail on address

We will send you the details of payment (PayPal account, bank details, etc.)

We would appreciate serving you!:)