Можливість стати молодіжним делегатом ООН

Молоді люди, які бажають репрезентувати Україну в ООН, запрошуються до подачі заяв на молодіжну програму “Youth Delegate to the UN”.

Дедлайн: 25 травня.

Детальний oпис англійською:

If you are proactive and experienced in organization of youth and social projects, or possess professional expertise related to youth issues combined with an excellent command of English, then do not miss your chance to be one of the Ukrainian youth delegates to the UN at the 71 session of the UN General Assembly in 2016-2017!

Learn more about the objectives and history of the Programme in the About section. Check out the eligibility criteria in detail in the Apply section

Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 represent approximately 18 per cent of today’s global population, signifying the largest youth cohort in history. They are increasingly mobilizing and impacting social policy dialogue within their communities as well as at the global level.

Active youth participation at the United Nations is a critical contribution to successful international cooperation. The underlying principle of youth participation in the work of the Organization is that it leads to better policy and programmatic responses to the problems facing young people today. The United Nations recognizes that young people around the world are both a major human resource for development and key agents for social change, economic development and technological innovation.

The Programme is the focal point within the United Nations system in the area of youth development and matters related to young people, particularly in relation to the priority areas identified in the World Programme of Action for Youth

The Youth Delegate programme is coordinated by the Focal Point on Youth at the global level, but it is the responsibility of the Member States to establish a youth delegate programme at the national level, and to decide who will represent the young people of their country. The roles of a youth representative varies from country to country, but normally includes providing input to their delegation on issues related to youth and participate in their delegation’s general work through attending meetings and informal negotiations.

Application form  may be found here — Google FormUkrainian YD Application 2016

Deadline for submission of application forms — 23:59 EET, 25th May 2016

Джерело: http://uayouthdelegate.com/


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