Літня школа в Європейському університеті Віадріни у Франкфурті

Viadrinicum – щорічна літня школа, присвячена країнам регіону “Східного партнерства” з особливим фокусом на Україні.

Де: Франкфурт-на-Одері, Німеччина

Коли: 19 серпня – 1 вересня 2019 року.

Дедлайн: 2 червня.

Цього року школа відбудеться у міждисциплінарному форматі та носить назву “Transsectoral UrbanLab. Participatory Urbanism Beyond Metropoleis”.

Детальніше далі англійською:

European Univeristy Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), 19 August – 1 September 2019

Viadrinicum is an annual summer school devoted to the countries of the Eastern Partnership region with a special focus on Ukraine. This year it will take place in the form of transsectoral UrbanLab, aiming to tackle the complex issues of local urbanism, urban development and active citizenship in small and medium-sized post-socialist cities from multiple theoretical and methodological perspectives. With a strong emphasis on participatory formats the school will allow its participants to deepen their knowledge about theories of (post-)socialist urbanism, patterns of urban development and strategies of active citizenship with the help of academic seminars and enhance their practical and methodological skills in the framework of several project-oriented workshops.

  • Dr. Sofia Dyak (L‘viv), Multiple Transitions: (Re)Assembling Cities from and out of Socialism
  • Prof. Dr. Mariusz Czepczyński (Gdańsk), Seeing the Shrinking. Challenged Post-Liminal Post-Industrial Landscapes
  • Prof. Dr. Andrii Portnov (Frankfurt/Oder), Dnipro(petrovsk): Writing Transnational History of a Ukrainian City
  • Dr. Christian Hochmuth (Frankfurt/Oder), Mediating the Local: Civil Society Actors and Political Decision-Making
  • Dr. Daria Bocharnikova (Brussels), Second World Urban Infrastructure and Its Afterlives

Besides the academic part, participants of the school will also be able to develop their own small (team) projects in the framework of three workshops (Art.Lab, Doc.Lab, Research.Lab) under the close guidance of experienced supervisors.

Furthermore, there will be film screenings, public discussions, and Open Space sessions where participants will have a chance to discuss their own scientific or cultural projects with peers and scholars.

The preliminary programme can be found at:

https://viadrinicum.blog/programme/ and www.facebook.com/viadrinicum

Subject to final approval of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) will be able to fund up to 15 travel scholarships (€ 100-700, depending on country of residence).

You can apply for the scholarship if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a BA/MA/PhD student, an NGO activist or an artist up to 35 years old from any academic/professional field from any country of the world;
  • You have a genuine interest in transsectoral and interdisciplinary approaches to urban questions in post-socialist context;
  • Your knowledge of English is sufficient to take an active part in the discussions.

Additional information and the application form http://www.viadrinicum.blog

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