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МВО “СВІТ-Україна” (www.facebook.com/svit.ukraine) шукає учасника для німецько-російсько-українського тренінгу в Німеччині. Проект для тих, хто влітку 2018 року бажає стати координатором в одному з волонтерських таборів міжнародної організації Service Civil International в Україні.
Дедлайн — 10 лютого 2018 року.

“German-Russian-Ukrainian Training for workcamp coordinators”

Dates: 31.03 – 07.04.2018
Place: Niederkaufungen, Germany

SVIT-Ukraine together with SCI Germany warmly invites volunteers to apply for a German-Russian-Ukrainian training for workcamp coordinators in the Commune Niederkaufungen, near Kassel, from 31st March – 7th April 2018.

The Commune Niederkassel is a community composed of many families (around 65 people), who live together to promote alternative democratic and permacultural
living styles. They run a variety of on-going eco-projects in the community, which you will have opportunity to get to know during your stay. Participants will also be able to visit the city of Kassel.

Financial conditions:
All costs of the stay in Germany will be paid by SCI Germany (food, accommodation, programme). You must organize and finance your own travel to and from the venue.

We invite people who is interested in becoming a campleader in one of Ukrainian workcamps in summer 2018!

Interested? Please fill in application form here:

And send it to projects@svit-ukraine.org with a topic “Campleader training”.

Deadline for application is 10 of February 2018


In summer 2018 IVO “SVIT-Ukraine” will be organizing around 10 international volunteer workcamps, which will take place all over Ukraine, and are covering wide range of topics (details below). Each workcamp needs 1-2 leaders.

If you:

  • have experience of participation to a volunteer project (with SCI/SVIT or other organization), or experience of working with international and/or youth group
  • speak English fluently
  • are outgoing and have good communication skills
  •  are above 18 years old
  • are interested to spend two weeks leading a an international workcamp and group; helping to organize a volunteer project; present Ukraine, its history, culture and traditions to international volunteers; support intercultural communication and learning in international group, and a lot more – this call is for you!

SVIT can offer:

  • exciting experience in international volunteer project
  • skills in management of a group with 10-15 international volunteers from 5-7 countries (average)
  • reimbursement of travel costs to the project venue and back
  • participation to international trainings for campleaders or participation in the workcamp abroad without paying fee
  • work in a team with another co-campleader
  • certificate confirming participation to a workcamp as campleader

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