Літня школа з енергетики для студентів будь-якої спеціальності

Влітку у Франції відбудеться літня школа, участь у якій можуть взяти студенти з будь-якої спеціальності. Мета школи – сформувати спільноту лідерів енергетичного сектору. Пріоритет надаватиметься студентам четвертого курсу бакалавріату або ж першого року магістратури.

Дати: 10 – 13 липня 2016 року.

Місце: Fontainebleau, Франція.

Дедлайн: 15 квітня.

Детальний опис англійською:

The Total Energy Summer School (TESS) is your chance to join a dynamic community of current and future energy leaders, working with industry stakeholders and leading academics and experts. You can download the TESS flyer for printing and offline use from here.

TESS will be held in Fontainebleau, near Paris, France from 10-13 July 2016. Successful applicants will be funded by Total to join this exceptional event. What’s more, all applicants will have the opportunity to follow one key interactive session online, live-streamed from Fontainebleau during the Summer School.


For the first time, TESS 2016 will bring together students, leading academics and industry experts from all over the world to explore future challenges and solutions for the energy industry.

This innovative programme promises four days of intensive and thought-provoking intellectual challenge and personal development. Through a stimulating mix of lectures and group activities, 80 students from around the world will work alongside academic and industry thought leaders to explore the energy of the future. This is a unique opportunity for high-ability students to:

  • Increase and share their knowledge of the energy industry
  • Interact with senior thinkers and leaders in the field
  • Develop intercultural skills, and experience working with a truly international group
  • Build a network of senior and peer contacts in the sector


Students from any discipline can apply for a place at TESS. Priority will be given to students in the final year of  their Bachelors degree or enrolled in a Masters degree programme.

The programme is entirely in English so a good level is important to make the most of the opportunity if you are selected.

Your travel and accommodation, and other costs associated with attending TESS will be covered by Total.


To apply there are 3 short steps: complete your profile, motivation statement and a short quiz.

The deadline is Friday 15 April 2016. Please note that applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and places per country are limited. We strongly recommend applying as soon as possible.



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