Тренінговий курс “Ignite the Rural Youth” в Угорщині

NGO Pangeya Ultoma шукає 5 активних та зацікавлених учасників на тренінг “Ignite the Rural Youth” в Угорщині.

Тренінговий курс скаладється з двох частин:

Перша – 4-12 грудня 2021 року

Друга – 10-16 квітня 2022 року

!!! Участь в обох частинах тренінгу обовязкова, подавайтеся лише якщо впевнені у можливості участі у двох частинах навчання

Description of the project: ‘’Ignite the Rural Youth’’ training course aims to empower youth workers with a huge base of knowledge, skills, and competencies which will foster their engagement in the sphere of youth work both at the local and European level. The project will develop the understanding and knowledge on the key components of developing, implementing, and evaluating youth initiatives and projects. Through this training course, the participants will brainstorm community-based project ideas, develop their project plans and learn essential fundraising tips so as to bring those fresh ideas to life and make long-awaited huge changes in their communities while inspiring other youngsters.

Aims and Objectives:

-To increase the level of information about youth opportunities among the youth living in the regions

-To encourage youngsters to become transformational leaders and mobilize youth in their communities and share their knowledge and experience

-To empower young people from rural areas to become initiative takers of the community projects on rural youth empowerment, community development, youth participation, and active citizenship.

Participants’ profile:

  • Aged between 18-30
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Coming from a rural area
  • A resident of one of the participating countries
  • Youth worker
  • Available for the whole duration of the training course
  • Experience in community work will be an asset
  • Fully vaccinated (with certificate)

About Balatonalmádi: Our training course will take place in Balatonalmádi, that’s a lovely small town 110 kilometers away from the capital of Hungary, Budapest. You will get to enjoy the environment and peaceful shore of the biggest Hungarian lake, Balaton. As Christmas is coming, December is quite a cold month in Hungary. You can expect 0 to 4-celsius degrees during the days of our project so we’d recommend you to take a scarf, coat, and gloves.

Accommodation: Cistercian Recreation Center is open to all camps and groups, trusting that the carefully planned and built environment, about 200 meters from Lake Balaton, will give all visitors spiritual, physical refreshment, and enrichment. The nearest airport is Hévíz–BalatonAirport, 74 km from the accommodation. The rooms include a wardrobe, twin beds, and a private bathroom together with a shower and towels. Close to our accommodation, there is a supermarket, pharmacy, drugstore, café, hospital, and bakery as well. The center has all the needed facilities for a good project and teambuilding.

COVID-19 Measures: Regarding COVID19 regulations, Hungary has agreements with almost all participating countries that ensure free entrance in case of successful vaccination. As per our current regulations, you should have no issue coming to the training course if you received your second dose of the vaccine. We will make sure to follow all recommended protocols and health regulations during our project and will keep you updated before arrival.

NOTE! All the selected participants should be fully vaccinated and have a relevant vaccination certificate.

!!! Registration fee only for selected participants 30 euros

Deadline for applications: 05.11.2021

You can fill the form from Pangeya Ultima by the link!


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