Запрошуємо на Global Case Study Challenge

Що: Global Case Study Challenge

Для кого: for those of you who are working/teaching at the Universities and would like to join international virtual business team education project, you can apply and become one of 13 Universities from 12 countries of Global Case Study Challenge

Термін проведення: October-December 2020 (online)

Реєстрація: за посиланням тут

Участь: безкоштовна (professor + a team of students)

Students are organized in global virtual teams and are assigned a case study and different activities to work on as a team over a period of 8 weeks. While working on international business challenges, not only do students gain knowledge in the different thematic areas of the case studies, but also experience how to work with people from different cultures, time zones, study programmes and all that…“Up in the Clouds”!

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Для кого: for online course designers / HR managers of Online HRM programs to get certified by two leading European Organizations IACCM and SIETAR Austria

Умови: participation is paid, however, a limited number of scholarships are available for Ukraine

Дедлайн: Applications are open till 4 of October

Ідея проєкту: 
Parallel certification track was created as a mentorship program to help the cohort design their own educational products: online webinars, HR on-boarding programs, online classes, consulting sessions; under supervision of the GCSC management team

Реєстрація: тут 

Опис проєкту:

The three month online program (October-December 2020) focuses on helping educators optimize and transform their online courses for international learners. Educators develop key competences necessary for designing and running highly effective online courses based on the formula: Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Tools. The certification is rooted in the ongoing real life Global Case Study Challenge project, where a certification cohort of educators have a unique chance to apply theory to the real life scenario, observing 300+ international students and professors from 12 countries.

The program is structured within four interactive modules of virtual intercultural total immersion experience, where educators hone their instructional design, content delivery, facilitation of deep learning among learners and improve ways to assess/evaluate educational outcomes for the participants.


1) Develop your own vision and strategies for designing innovative online learning experiences

2) Obtain practical skills for team-facilitation of virtual intercultural events

3) Learn and practice feedback techniques and application of research-based assessment tools to measure and evaluate the results of the online learning scenario

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