Тренінг COMETS on Designing Educational Programmes

Це тижневий тренінговий курс в Ірландії для освітян.

16-22 February 2020 | Dunboyne , Ireland

COMETS is a one-week course that supports advanced trainers to explore a certain competence area defined by the ETS Competence Model for Trainers. This edition focuses on ‘Designing Educational Programmes’.


To explore and reflect on one’s practice when designing educational programmes.


  • To raise awareness on your personal and professional patterns when designing educational programme.
  • To reflect educational programmes design concepts from different perspectives
  • To understanding the complexities of designing educational programmes
  • To explore ways to stimulate, support and empower groups through inspiring educational programmes
  • To explore the roles and responsibilities of trainers regarding the impact of educational programme.
  • To explore how the design of educational programmes is influenced by the principles and values of Non Formal Learning.

The competences that this COMETS tackles are:

  • Choose and designing appropriate methods for collection, interpreting and disseminating information
  • Developing an educational approach based on the principles and values of non-formal learning
  • Designing an evaluation process and impact assessment
  • Integrating ICT, e-learning and other tools and methods into the educational activity
  • Transferring knowledge or values related to the activity to learners
  • Integration learners’ socio-political backgrounds into the education programme

Target Group:

COMETS is a training for trainers format which provides trainers, advanced in the implementation of international trainings for youth workers, with opportunities to come together to reflect upon, discuss and develop further on different competence areas of the ETS competence model. In the context of COMETS, ‘advanced’ means that trainers-learners have the capacity to direct their own learning and in particular, the ability to self-assess their own competences and review their own training practice.


COMETS is part of the NA Strategic Partnership <Trainer Competence Development> supporting competence development of trainers and herewith the quality of the training courses for youth workers implemented by these trainers.

Further reading is available about
_ COMETS: www.salto-youth.net/COMETS
_ Trainer Competence Development project: www.salto-youth.net/TCDproject
_ ETS Competence Model for Trainers: www.salto-youth.net/trainercompetences

Arrivals and departures:

Please note that arrivals are foreseen by the 16th evening (by dinner time which is at 19:30) and departures are foreseen on the 22nd morning.

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