Тренінговий курс “Be local, Be active”

НГО “Стелла” шукає учасників з України на міжнародний тренінг з технологій відкритого простору “Be local, Be active”.

Дати: 14 – 22 November 2015
Місце: Liberec, Czech Republic
Витрати на дорогу: покриваються в межах ліміту 275 євро.
Проживання і харчування: покривається повністю.

Дедлайн: 9 жовтня.

Детальний опис англійською:

Participants will live in a hotel close to the city centre (15 minutes by walk, 4 minutes by bus) with all kind of services close to the campus of University in Liberec. Rooms will be shared (2 pers. in one room)

Project summary:

The entire project is based on participants‘ active approach. It interfaces both local and international activities. The basic project’s principle is learning by experience. The participants will implement local events in Liberec, which will consolidate their knowledge acquired within the training. Training will give participants chance to learn to use the method of Open Space Technology, which will enable them to involve their local youth in decision-making process through innovative method of conference management. In addition, the participants will be supported in creating new projects and building long-term partnerships and inspiration through www.localtobe.com, a web portal completed by examples of good practices from EU and partner countries

Participant’s profile. !!!IMPORTANT!!!

  • be a motivated youth worker;
  • have basic skills in project management and have experience in youth work at least for 3 years;
  • be in touch with the topic of the project
  • be able and be sure to implement an activity in your country/local community when you come back from a project.
  • have good communication skills in English

Yearly membership fee – 20 euros
Participation fee that should be paid to the hosting organization in Czech Republic – 25 euros.

Deadline for applying: 9 October 2015, 23:59

If interested, please, send a properly filled in application form (attached) to info@ngo-stella.org Please, write in the subject of the letter “Be active, Be local”.

Джерело: https://vk.com/club74617608

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