Тренінговий курс в Німеччині з теми запобігання гендерного насильства


Відправляюча органіазація: ALTERNATIVE-V

Назва проекту: “Live, Listen, Learn, Experience and Share”

Мета: вдосконалити професійні навички молодіжних працівників та вчителів через вивчення нових інструментів для запобігання гендерного насильства

Деталі англійською мовою нижче:


? By organizing this project we would like to implement “9 steps in working for gender equality and young women empowerment” and promote to the network for “Women Self-Help Group”

Within the project, there are 2 youth Mobility Activities:

1) Training course – 6-14 October, 2021

2) Seminar – 16-20 November, 2021

Place: Bad Laer, Germany

? Profile of the participant:

– Youth worker or educator

– Age 18+

– English knowledge B2+

– Interested in the topic, ready to actively participate in all phases of the project (including implementation period and follow-up activities).

During the first meeting youth workers will develop their personal and professional skills, will be explored new non-formal methods to work on the topic, to create a Toolbox for creating ESCAPE ROOMS as an educational tool and prepare workshops/presentations to develop in their home country and to experience the new tool in implementation period- October-November; On the second meeting, participants will be gathered to share their experience from their home activities, work on future cooperation.

? Objectives:

  • Encourage participants to be actors in prevention of gender based violence;
  • Develop and work on implementation of new methods, ideas, tools in youth work to prevent gender based violence and promote human rights;
  • Combine their knowledge in a Toolbox for creating Escape Rooms as an educational tool;
  • Develop higher awareness of gender equality topic while showing participants how to use escape rooms as a learning tool in order to create similar projects on gender equality and to tackle specific issues at local communities;
  • Create a concrete action or one day workshop (use new toolbox) which participants can use with their target groups to promote gender equality as a tool to fight against gender based violence.

Program will include presentations, group work activities, simulations, cultural evenings, follow-up activities and many more.

? The travel expenses will be reimbursed (up to 275 eur). Participants will be responsible to arrange their own travel and health insurance papers, but these costs are not covered by the program. Also please consider having confirmation of the PCR-test and/or vaccination-paper.

Participation fees: 30 eur to organizers and 1200 uah member fee to the sending organization Alternative-V.

?To apply to this project, please fill in the form https://cutt.ly/oWfhnZw and send it to ? alternative.v.pr@gmail.com with the topic indication TC “Live, Listen, Learn, Experience and Share” by 10/09/2021.

Looking forward to receiving your applications!


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