ЄВС-проект у Литві

НГО “Стелла шукає учасника для 7-місячного ЄВС у Литві, спрямованого на допомогу та соціалізацію дюдей з обмеженими можливостями.
Більше інформації про проект англійською мовою наведено нижче.
We are looking for the volunteer to be part of Association “Light workshop” which mission is to reveal the gifts of people with or without disabilities through close and communal relationships
Most of persons with disability are able to take care of themselves and do simple tasks, but still often they need to be attended, motivated, encouraged or guided. Our experience show that a friendship with a volunteer motivates to learn new things, encourages them to become more socially active. A volunteer would be asked to assist a person with disability in his/her activities.Volunteering place: Kaunas, Lithuania
Volunteering dates: 2018-02-01 / 2018-08-31.
New deadline: 15 September!

If you are interested and want to know more about it, you can find more information on the link: http://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/project/1937_en

If you are interested and want to apply, send your CV and motivation letter to evspatria@gmail.com, as letter topic indicate “Association “Light workshop”. We are waiting for your applications till 15th of September.

Don’t forget to indicate that your sending organization is Non-governmental organization “Kharkiv association for active youth “Stella” with EI accreditation number – 2015-1-PL-01-KA110-017829 and PIC-number – 947609200.

Фото – Unsplash

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