Тренінг для представників українських організацій

Тренінг з об’єднання українських організацій, стратегічного планування та підвищення потенциалу.

Місце: Київ.

Дати: 13 – 15 травня.
Тренінг веде спеціально запрошений тренер з Польщі.
Робоча мова – англійська.

Вартість тренінгу – 600 грн (у вартість входять кава-брейки). Проживання та проїзд учасник оплачує самостійно.

Для участі слід заповнити форму: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Fh_GBJ6I-dIN7SobJE5p9q48JKON7ULBBCRozb7auoY/viewform

Детальний опис англійською:

Capacity-building and Sustainability Training in Ukraine, organised by the active NGOs network based in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. The event will take place in Kiev (place tbc) from 13-15 May 2016.

Background information on the Capacity-building and Sustainability Training in Ukraine

 The Capacity-building and Sustainability Training in Ukraine is a country-specific event with the aim of supporting and assisting civil society organizations (CSOs) and its members in making fur- ther progress in consolidation of a strong, independent and sustainable national youth platforms of youth organisations.

 The main aim of the training is to strengthen recently established N by building its capacity at the very start of the its operational work in order to provide them with support in the form of expertise, knowledge and experience to contribute in developing a more sustainable and stronger CSOs.

 The purpose of the training is to assist CSOs and its member organisations in setting up the organ – isational channels and to facilitate creation of basic strategic documents for a more effective and sustainable functioning of CSOs in order to enhance its preparedness to respond adequately to the youth policy and youth work development challenges in Ukraine and Europe.

 Aims and Objectives

The main aims of the Capacity-building and Sustainability Training in Ukraine are:

  • To strengthen organisational capacities of CSOs and its activemembers
  • To assist CSOs in its strategic planning and to enhance cooperation among each other and otherorganisations
  • To actively promote enhanced cooperation between state institutions in charge of youth and CSOs and itsmembers
  • To share knowledge, experience, skills in the field of youth policy and youth work development with particular focus on policy-making and advocacy development to provide support to CSOs and itsmembers
  • To contribute to the consolidation of CSOs as the sustainable platforms and as a constructive partner of the governmental institutions in the youth policydevelopment


  • To provide support in establishing CSOs workingstructures
  • To provide support to CSOs in implementing wide consultations in developing strategic documents (strategic priorities, work plan and implementationplan)
  • To share knowledge and experience with CSO Board and its members in the field of policy- making and advocacy developments towards the institutions in charge of youthaffairs
  • To enhance team work and group cohesion of CSO Board and its members in the light of established workingstructures
  • To get an overview on the networking developments in Ukraine and possibilities to enhance youth policy and youth workdevelopment

The foreseen outcomes:

  • strengthened CSOs in Ukraine with concrete plans developed aiming at enhancing operational work of CSOs and its policy-making and advocacyactivities
  • report developed with recommendations for further activity by the partners and advice for a solid development of the CSOs Network and national youth

Participating CSOs & Methodology

This event will provide a space of training and of exchange for CSOs. The training will focus on organisational development – looking at strategic planning and development of the structures, as both issues are key to sustainability of CSOs. The training will allow for both exchange of practises in plenum, but it will also seek to foster regional cooperation and learning from CSOs. Finally, emphasis will be put on the individual organisations own context. Each organisation is required to start drafting a strategic plan at the event. All organisations should come prepared having done a pre-assessment of challenges and strengths within their own organisation prior to the event. They should have consulted with their members about a strategic vision for the organisation and the issues which youth in their local area are faced with. In order for the creation of a space where development of CSOs is optimal, the methodology to be used will divide the participant organisations asfollows:

  • Training sessions on organisationaldevelopment
  • Plenary (for overall discussions, setting agendas, sharing of conclusionsetc.)
  • Regional focus (in order for CSOs that are historically and geographically more linked to work and learn from each other in a smaller setting) ifrelevant
  • Individual CSO (in order for self reflection and planning to take place specific to their own NGO or localcontext)
  • Quality Assurance of Non Formal Education and project cycle management and implementationin daily practice in nature of theCSOs


  • Ensure an inclusive process towards the creation of the CSOs strategicplans
  • Ensure the creation of a coherent and comprehensive implementationplan
  • Foster increased communication and cooperation between the CSOs and theirmembers


 After consulting with the needs of participating CSOs, the program of the event will be based on the following principles and practise of non-formal education in youth sector:

  • enable participants to use and exchange what they learned in their own workingcontext;
  • take into account the needs and motivations of participants as well as be open to regular feedback andevaluations;
  • be based on different learning styles and a variety of different training methods and techniques such as group discussions, work in small groups, creative workshops, individual reflectionetc.;
  • be documented and evaluated to facilitate the multipliereffect


Інфопак: Capacity-building_and_Sustainability_Training_in_Ukraine


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