Тренінговий курс “Youthification”

Люи віком 18 – 30 років, які не мають досвіду громадської діяльності (або мають мінімальний досвід), запрошуються до участі в тренінговому курсі.

Дати: 9 – 17 вересня 2016 року.

Місце: Leysin, Швейцарія.

Дедлайн: 19 червня.

Детальний опис англійською:

The main aim of this training course is to empower young people to engage actively in youth organisations and develop their understanding of non-formal education and thereby support their social, personal and professional development and competences.

How do I become an active member of a youth organization? What is the procedure for becoming a youth worker? What will it mean for my personal and professional development? Am I just losing my time on unimportant things?

Young people who are interested to get involved into youth work and non-formal education, very often are faced with a number of difficult questions to which they struggle to get proper
answers. Should that be a reason why some of these young people quit the idea of engaging themselves into youth work? We believe that all of us involved

in the field of non-formal education have the responsibility to provide suitable support for the young people in the process of finding themselves and finding what they really want to become or do with their lives.

In the youth field we have a responsibility to encourage active citizenship, in this scenario encouraging young people to engage with and become a part of their local youth organisations. This in turn supports their social, personal and professional development and competences through the variety of actions and programmes that are youth work in action. Through taking on roles of leader and activist they become multipliers and role models in their own communities. This training course opens the door of learning possibilities for young people who are standing on the start line and who are faced with the challenge of becoming youth workers, leaders, volunteers, activists.

Джерело: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/training-course-youthification-2016.5817/

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