Вишеградська літня школа

Студенти, аспіранти, молоді професіонали запрошуються до участі у Вишеградській літній школі. Мета школи – поглиблення знань про глобальні та регіональні виклики, подолання стереотипів, зав’язування нових контактів.

Дати: 2 – 15 липня 2017 року.

Місце: Краків, Польща

Дедлайн: 31 березня 2015 року.

Детальний опис англійською:

The Visegrad Summer School is educational programme which provides an interdisciplinary learning space for young Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak students, and for their peers from other Central and Eastern European countries. The project aims to deepen knowledge on regional and global challenges and provide advanced skills in chosen area as well as to eliminate mutual stereotypes and build ties and friendly relations. The programme of the 16. edition the includes lectures, debates and workshops on current political, cultural and social challenges in the regional, global and European perspective.

16. edition is supported by the International Visegrad Fund, City of Krakow and Malopolska Region.


The Visegrad Summer School has been carried out by the Villa Decius Association annually since 2002.Our idea is to create an alternative platform to university for advanced studies on the Visegrad Group as well as other Central and East European countries. The programme is an opportunity for the participants to get acquainted with and discuss current social, security, economic, political and cultural issues. It is also an opportunity to learn about each other and start an international cooperation between the people and the countries.


The programme of the 16. edition of the Visegrad Summer School includes lectures, debates and workshops on current political, cultural and social challenges in the regional, global and European perspective lead by outstanding experts from various fields of knowledge and public activities. In addition to experts and intellectuals, we host Ambassadors, Ministers, European Union representatives, academics, politicians, businessmen, journalists, artists, representatives of national and local governments, as well as NGOs.
This edition will focus on creation, innovation and synergy. The participants, in smaller groups, work on advanced skills in Labs of Academia, Business and Culture, and their projects are presented at the closing session.
Students are invited for study visit to Malopolska region and attend artistic events in Krakow. Multicultural session allows participants to search for common identity as well as insight the cultures of the Visegrad countries. Some of the debates, lectures and meetings are open to the public.

The organizers will provide:

  • educational programme and materials
  • special events
  • accommodation and board

Participants will cover:

  • travel costs to/from/in Krakow
  • insurance
  • registration fee of 125 Euro

Olga Maksymenko olga.maksymenko@gmail.com

Джерело: http://visegradsummerschool.org/

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