Atlas Corps: програма професійного розвитку для молодих лідерів

Atlas Corps invites social change leaders from around the world to apply for our 12-18 month In-Person Fellowship in the United States and our Virtual Leadership Institute!

Що: програма стажування

Триваліть: 12-18 місяців


Вимоги до учасників:

  • мінімум 2 роки професійного досвіду роботи
  • диплом бакалавра або еквівалент
  • вік до 35 років
  • зобов’язання повернутися на батьківщину після закінчення програми

While Atlas Corps seeks candidates from a wide variety of specialties, we are prioritizing applicants for opportunities beginning in late 2021 or early 2022 with two or more years of full-time experience in at least one of the following skill areas:

♦ Communications / Marketing: Create engaging content, manage social media, and develop marketing campaigns to increase visibility and engagement.

♦ Partnership Building / Business Development: Mobilize networks, manage partnerships, and develop business proposals to amplify impact.

♦ Monitoring & Evaluation / Data Analysis: Build frameworks, collect data, and provide analysis, recommendations, and trainings to drive program design decision-making.

♦ Technology / Engineering: Engineer products (websites, platforms, applications, etc.) to support mission-driven work. Maintain and train teams on information technology systems.

After learning about our programs and reading important application information below, please click here to start your application.

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