Туреччина: короткострокове волонтерство в освітній організації

НГО “Cтелла” шукає 2 волонтера на короткострокове волонтерство у Туреччині

Коли: травень-червень 2019 (59 днів)
Де: Кайсері, Туреччині
Дедлайн: 11 квітня 2019


AGU is the first state university in Turkey to have, as part of its constitution, legal provision for support by a foundation whose entire efforts are solely dedicated to the work of the University. AGU has set itself the aim of attracting brilliant faculty members and the brightest students. All the academic work of the University are in English; all its programs conform to international standards but at the same time they bear the stamp of the university’s own character. Graduates of AGU will be typified by the ability to learn, to think, to research, to work in an interdisciplinary fashion, and to lead.

AGU, different from other academic institutions, put youth in the core of its design. Therefore, AGU focused on the youth work and non-formal education and established a youth structure within the university, which is called the Youth Factory, and it is officially recognized by the Higher Education Council in Ankara as the Youth Work Research and Implementation Center. This structure aims not only to serve the students but also the young people at local, national and international youth work field.

AGU Youth Factory is a non-formal education resource center for the social and personal development of youth workers, youth leaders, youth trainers and young people. AGU Youth Factory provides different training courses about different topics related to the youth work field and they are designed with non-formal education tools and approaches. AGU Youth Factory has different accreditation in the youth work field. These are Eurodesk Accreditation to be a local relay, European Voluntary Service Accreditation as hosting, sending and coordinating organization and the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

The primary aim of the project is to promote volunteering in various activities, to encourage young people to participate in interesting, useful and self-developing activities. We are looking for two volunteers who are interested and motivated to work with youth within our Volunteering projects for the period of two months. Volunteering with AGU Youth Factory is a chance to empower youth while being immersed in a totally new culture and language. It offers to volunteers the opportunity to gain new abilities/skills and reinforce their strengths, and a field where they can share their knowledge and enjoy the trainings offered, all this in an intercultural environment with experienced trainers and youth workers.

What are the roles of EVS Volunteers in AGU?
EVS Volunteers who join AGU work in the youth structure called the” Youth Factory”. The proposed program of the project for volunteers is based on various activities:

  • Taking part in in the organization of the youth and volunteerism festival
  • Promoting Youth programs and EVS program itself by writing articles on our youth magazine, website, blog
  • Joining the university’s social activities with our students to work on information and promotion desks in Kayseri city centre and surroundings to promote youth opportunities.
  • Taking part in the social responsibility courses with other students to improve trainers skill and social competences and take photos or shoot videos from preparation period in order to make a film to introduce EVS Project and Youth Factory in the future
  • Working in the University Youth Factory Office with other volunteers and youngsters.
  • Working in the city with other NGO’ s especially with Eurodesk Local Relay to develop cooperation.
  • Supporting our work in EU institutions (SALTO Euromed Youth RC and CoE) such as acting as a support person in organizing international events, trainings and seminars.
  • Supporting office work related to youth information such as blog writing, social media follow up, youth newsletter design

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for two volunteers who are;
* Between the age of 18-30
* Willing to do volunteer work abroad
* Team players
* Solution focusers
* Motivated to learn, improve him/herself, open to personal development

Accommodation will be arranged by our university student dormitory. (include comfortable and furnished apartments with kitchen, shared living room, and bathrooms). Pocket money and money for food will be provided. The project is fully financed by Erasmus+ programme.

If you would like to apply, please send motivation letter and CV to evs@ngo-stella.org untill 11 April 2019

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