Міжнародний молодіжний форум в Токіо

Молодь з усього світу віком від 18 до 28 років запрошується до участі в молодіжному форумі.

Дати: 11 – 18 березня 2018 року.

Місце: Токіо, Японія.

Дедлайн: 3 грудня.

Детальний опис англійською:

Our mission is “Design Our Future.” We aim to create a better future with people from both developed and developing countries together. People have different views on development, depending on where they were born and raised and what they have experienced before. We hope the participants to build mutual understandings toward development and recognize global issues as common challenges.

IDYF 2018 addresses the issues of co-existence between human and technology, under our philosophy of “Design Our Future.” We cannot live without technology in the contemporary world. Technology are everywhere – medical care, healthcare and welfare, manufacturing, transportation, communications, education, commerce, governance – every corner of the society. The use and prevalence of technology has greatly enhanced quality of life and continuously made life comfortable for us to lead.

On the other hand, there are some gloomy statements such as “Machines are robbing human being of their job” or “AI or Robots have riots and rebel against humans and our civilisation will comes to an end.” This indicates that we might need to hold a doubt about the absolute utility of technology.

IDYF 2018 offers a dedicated place for youth, regardless of the place of birth or domicile, to absorb themselves in an intense and exciting discussions. We guarantee that such an experience is enlightening and inspiring, shaping the participants into the leaders in the next generations.

In the forum, participants will be divided into 6 teams and each team will analyze one of the case studies and plan solutions.

Case studies are;

  • Introducing ICT into working style reform in Japan
  • ICT application into Agriculture in Vietnam
  • Role of ICT in post-conflict reconciliation in Colombia

For more information on the  case studies, please refer to the “PROGRAM


  • Those who are 18 to 28 years old
  • Those who have not participated in previous IDYFs
  • Fluency in English for discussion and presentation
  • Must be able to attend all programs during the forum

Participation Fee

If you are selected to participate in IDYF 2018, you will be required to pay 36,000 JPY, which covers your accommodation, meals, and transportation fees during the forum (Sun. 11 March to Sun. 18 March 2018).

*It doesn’t include transportation fees from the airport to the venue, accommodation fee before / after the program, or insurance.

*Optional tour on 18th is not covered.

*Payment details will be announced after the results of the selection.


Self-funded and Scholarship Applicantions

IDYF 2018 has two separate application forms, one for self-funded candidates, and another for scholarship candidates. Note that you cannot apply for both.

This year, scholarships will be given to up to three applicants who show extraordinary skills, experiences or knowledge on each of the case studies but have financial difficulties to cover ONLY participation costs.

*Applicants who wish to apply for the scholarship must submit the application form for scholarship applicants. Only those who passed the document screening will be invited to Skype interview

*Applicants who wish to apply for the scholarship must submit the application form for scholarship applicants, not the one for the self-funded applicants.  Those who passed the document screening will be invited to Skype interview.

Джерело: http://www.idy-ttokyo-forum.com/

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