Тренінговий курс “Learn IT tools”

Організація “Liberty Forum” шукає учасників тренінгового курсу “Learn IT tools”, який буде присвячено роботі з інтернет та комп’ютерними інструментами для покращення роботи НГО.

Дати: 23 – 30 травня 2016 року.

Місце: Braunlage, Німеччина.

Дедлайн: 28 березня.

Детальний опис англійською:

NGO “Liberty Forum” is looking for a participants for a training course “Learn IT tools”.

We are looking for:
Youth workers and youth leaders, trainers, project managers, volunteers, and other that are interested in learning how to use IT tools for media visibility of their organization. We would learn how does the internet work, how to manage your own website or facebook page, or how to make photo and video documentation of your projects and many other things.

Good level of speaking English is required for this training as the tempo will be high.

Goals of project:
The specific objective of the project is to equip group of youth workers with practical knowledge and skills on how effectively to use social media in increasing the visibility of the work of youth associations;

  • how effectively to use social media for raising awareness (campaigning) on issues of concern for the young people;
  • how to use social media as tool for civic engagement and social innovation;
  • how effectively to use social media for increasing visibility and dissemination of the results of projects
    financially supported by the Erasmus + programme;

Participants have to bring with them:

  • a camera
  • cable to download the photos and videos
  • a laptop computer


Participation fee: 30 euro
Deadline: 23:59 28.03.16

Please send application form to: info.libertyforum@gmail.com
Write a topic of a letter “Your name_surname Learn IT tools”
Waiting for your application!

Аплікаційна форма – Participant_registration_-_Learn_IT_tools

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