Гранти на участь у тренінгах для держслужбовців

Фундація «Talent for Governance» пропонує гранти для держслужбовців із країн Східної Європи для участі в тренінгах, що відбудуться в Нідерландах влітку-восени 2015 року.

Місце: Гаага, Нілерланди

Дедлайн: квітень – липень 2015 року

Детальний опис англійською:

The overall aim of Talent for Governance is to strengthen local governments in developing countries and Eastern European (non-EU) countries. They aim to achieve this through the training of young civil servants. With the gained knowledge and skills, they can work to alleviate their communities of widespread poverty and a lack of basic services.

Host Institution(s):
The Hague Academy for Local Governance, The Hague, Netherlands

Talent for governance is accepting applicants for three Talent Programmes organised on the following topics, based on the training course part of the programme:

  • Citizen Participation & Accountability – Programme from 1 – 19 June 2015 (Deadline: 3 April 2015)
  • Local Economic Development – Programme from 7 – 25 September 2015 (Deadline: 10 July 2015)
  • Fiscal Decentralisation & Local Finance – Programme from 28 September – 16 October 2015 (Deadline: 31 July 2015)

Number of Awards:
The amount of placements will depend on the funds and internship placements in Dutch local governments.

Target group:
Young civil servants working for local governments in developing countries or Eastern European (non –EU) countries.

Scholarship value/inclusions:
The Talent programme will generally cover all basic living expenses during the stay in the Netherlands, travel costs and the training course fee of the chosen training course. The talent must cover any additional costs from their own resources, and also contribute 100 Euros or 200 Euros to their programme costs.

You are eligible for applying for this international talent programme if,

  • work for a local government ( e.g. district, municipality, city, region, province, water board etc.)
  • work in one of the countries listed on the DAC country list;
  • be 37 years of age or younger;
  • have at least two years of work experience in local governance and have the intend to work there for at least two years more;
  • speak and understand the English language well (all programmes are in English);
  • be able to write and vocally defend his/her motivation for- and the relevance of the specific programme;
  • be able to identify an issue/project as a Real-Life-Case within the theme of the programme for which he/she will write a Back-Home-Action Plan during the Talent programme;
  • have complete support of the employer to participate in the programme and to implement the Back-Home-Action plan when returned home.

Джерело: http://thehagueacademy.com/tfg/talent-programme/why-who-what-and-how/

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  1. мари :

    Це програма для молодих держслужбовців, а не для активістів.

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