Молодіжний обмін у Швейцарії

Що: молодіжний обмін

Назва: YOUTH EXCHANGE “COVID-19 – What now?”

Відправляюча організація: “Альтернатива-В”

Де: Швейцарія

Коли: 12-19 December 2021

Дедлайн: 24 вересня

We are looking for 5 motivated participants to Youth Exchange “COVID-19 – What now?” which will be held in Switzerland

With this youth exchange, we want to bring together 30 young people from all over Europe to reflect about the pandemic, what we learned and are learning from it and what all of this means for young people.

→ What has COVID-19 meant for us personally?

→ How were young people framed in the media during the pandemic (only going to parties, not caring, etc.)? How can we get back our voice as young people?

→ How are environmental degradation and eating animals related to this pandemic?

→ How did capitalism and patriarchy make the pandemic even worse?

→ How do we need to change society to prevent the next pandemic?

→ What chances do we have to imagine a new world after this pandemic?

The youth exchange will take place in simple living conditions, rooms are shared with several other participants. Travel costs, accommodation, food and program are covered through a grant by Movetia. Insurance coverage is under responsibility of the participant.

? Profile of the participant:

  • Age 18-30
  • English knowledge B2+
  • Interested in the topic, ready to actively participate in all the duration of the project

? Please note – we ask you to come to this project through more sustainable means of transport rather than flying (e.g. by train or bus), if somehow possible.

COVID safety – having vaccines are preferred.

Participation fee – 1200 UAH.

➡️ You can find all details here: https://cutt.ly/AWWZhqy

To apply to this project, please fill in the form https://forms.gle/VzyzWhDLrEk7Qvaw5 by 24/09/2021

If you have any questions feel free to PM us or write to ? alternative.v.pr@gmail.com

Looking forward to receiving your applications!

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