Проект у Словаччині: волонтерство у театрі та культурному центрі

Шукаємо учасників віком 18-30 років на проект Європейського Корпусу Солідарності (ESC) в Батовце, Словаччина.

Дати перебування волонтера/ки на проекті: Жовтень 2021 – Жовтень 2022.

Opportunity: European Solidarity Corps “Poton Theatre”

Dates: October 2021 – October 2022 (12 months)

Location: Bátovce, Slovak Republic

Hosting Organization: Poton Theatre

About organization:

Pôtoň Theatre and Cultural Center operates in a small village of Bátovce – on a periphery. It is the only Slovak theatre located in countryside, 160 km from the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.

Since 2019 Pôtoň holds Quality Label to act as hosting organization for the volunteering project under the auspices of the European Solidarity Corps. Pôtoň promotes and produces dance and theatre performances, audio-visual works, exhibitions and new media works.

It develops many projects focused on youth such as creative workshops, lectures, live libraries, non-formal educational projects and art therapy workshops

Pôtoň regularly offers its space for more than 50 professional contemporary artists each year within its residency programme.

Why volunteering with Pôtoň Theatre:

  • gain new skills and knowledge and build experience for your future
  • meet new people, artists and professionals from different fields and backgrounds and feel part of a team
  • make a positive impact on someone’s live
  • work on your own artistic/creative project with professional support of the team
  • get to know the local community and give something back

The aim is to provide young people from Ukraine with the opportunity to take part in an creative a social projects of the Pôtoň center and to collaborate with the professional team, invited artists, guests and other volunteers on all the interesting projects on going in the center.

Who we are looking for:

As a volunteer you will receive an introduction to the tasks and training for your role. You do not need any specific qualification or experience, but it’s better if you are

  • friendly and respectful to cultures that are different to your own
  • art and culture interested / with artistic or technical background
  • good listener willing to learn new skills
  • helpful and empathetic

The main activity of volunteers is usually preparing and implementing workshops for kids. They work with children on different artistic projects (fine art, movement, dance, drama classes etc.), but they also help with all the tasks connected to the theatrical productions, lectures, performances. As it has been mentioned, the organsation provides residential stays for young artists, volunteers help them with their artistic projects too. All kinds of people are welcomed, not only those who are somehow related to the world of art, but also young people with some technical knowledge or interests, so they can assist in technical matters and learn a lot about this specific field within theatrical and artistic production.


  • your travel expenses will be covered
  • your accommodation expenses will be covered
  • you will receive pocket money 5 EUR per day
  • you will receive daily allowance to cover your expenses on meals

Further benefits for you as a volunteer:

  • guidance and support during all your stay
  • slovak SIM card
  • classes of slovak language
  • all the coordination, trainings, mental and material support for your work for organisation and for your own creative project

You can apply until 01.07.2021.

To do it, please, fill out the google form here: https://forms.gle/PwNGbZ3VvAbHQS9y8

If you have any questions, please, write us to pangeya.ultima.mobility@gmail.com

N/B Candidates from Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia region will receive the preference. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

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