Волонтерство у Португалії від 2 до 4 місяців

Центр розвитку Пангея Ультіма шукає волонтерів на короткостроковий проєкт в Португалії.

Dates of mobilities: from 2 to 4 months

Place of volunteering: Ourondo, Castelo Branco, Portugal

About the project: This ESC program aims to raise awareness on topics related to our daily life. The choices we make, the relationships we create between each other and between man and his environment. During your stay in Ananda Valley you will have the opportunity to explore and expand your skills and passions, learn about nature and how we interfere with it, discover the richness of the different cultures, express your artistic side, develop your own project and much more. It is a two/four months experience, where you will live in a community with people from all around the world, helping to build the dream of a better society.

Information about the organization: Ananda Marga is a global spiritual and social service organization founded in 1955. The ideology of Ananda Marga is Self-Realization and Service to all.

Both aspects are complementary to each other, and both are necessary for a balanced and fulfilling life. One of the main local development projects active in Portugal is focused on Ananda Valley (www.anandavalley.org), an ecological research & volunteer hub where everyone can fully realize their inner potential, in harmony with nature and the surrounding community, located on the edge of the Serra da Estrela natural reserve. You will have the opportunity to see how this project is trying to lower the footprints and to protect the surrounding nature and how as a result of this lifestyle the natural habitats of many animals are recovered.


We offer two types of accommodation.
1. Camping (during the hot session)
2. Shared room in a commune house (all year around)
To see more check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95wDz1YhI10

Camping. Toilets: There are several compost toilets which are dry toilets and allow us to produce high-quality compost from the faeces! We will explain to you more when you arrive, but as a small intro: instead of flushing, you throw ash or earth over your doings. Showers: The showers are outside with beautiful view. There is hot water container but is quite limited so use only what you need and think about the next person that is coming after you.

Philosophy: one of the aims of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle. Based on that on our properties is forbidden the usage of alcohol and smoking. You will have the opportunity to learn yoga
and meditation, if you are interested in it.

Food: We will provide you with vegetarian healthy meals and snacks. Most of the veggies are from Ananda Valley organic garden. Inside the project, we promote sattvik diet, and you will have an opportunity to experience it.

ENVIRONMENT & WEATHER Hot, dry & chilly!!! Temperatures can reach a minimum of 10oC during the summertime and a maximum of 45oC (July-August). The average temperatures are 35oC high and 20oC low. The weather is unpredictable and we should be prepared for rain or sun. It is sometimes windy but it’s usually not snowing in the summer!

This is not an exhaustive list, but probably you will need everything on this list! Remember that the closest big shop is 20 km away – so you’d better take everything you will need with you!

  • Valid ID or passport, and travel tickets;
  • Shorts and long trousers (clothing that can get dirty during workshops) warm sweater or jacket;
  • Cap (hat) and sunglasses, lip balm, sun lotion;
  • Warm Jacket (wind breaker);
  • Towel and toiletries (soap, toothpaste etc…natural!!!);
  • Earplugs (just in case your best friend will be snoring nearby 🙂 );
  • Some national food/drinks for intercultural night;
  • Swimsuit;
  • Flashlights;
  • Long and short-sleeved T-shirts;
  • Joy & Motivation;
  • Stories;

What we expect from you?

  • Get involved: We need everyone active and participate!
  • Self-reliance: You are responsible for yourself and to make a positive impact on the event.
  • Self-expression: Communicate openly with the group with freedom to be yourself.
  • Respect: Different cultures can be tricky. Be patient, respectful and cooperative. Take everything with the thought “It’s for the greater good” – Respect the place and the work of others keep the mindset: “try to leave everything better than what you found it”
  • Learn and share: Share what you know, absorb everything and spread it back home!
  • Some more Enjoy and laugh !!!

Multicultural night & Cultural presentation
Be prepared to present something from your cultures on a Multicultural Night. The idea is to share about our country and culture through food (vegetarian), music, dancing, drinks (non alcohol), images, etc. That means you should think of bringing/showing/teaching/etc. something about your country that is typical or you find interesting. Think of as many as you can, bring as much as you find, and prepare for the overwhelming party! 🙂 If you want to bring or prepare some traditional food, there will be the possibility to use the kitchen. This is also the time to teach other participants about the nature and culture in your country/region.

A little bit of what the volunteer routine in Ananda Valley is like during the day.

The basic request to volunteer are:

  • You are willing to learn and invest your own time, energy, and ideas into your work here in our institution. The love that you will give will come back to you in double.
  • Aged 18-30
  • Be interested in the topic
  • You can speak English
  • You are initiative, creative, and social.

About the program: This program is made by you for you and your community! We will give you all the experience and tools we have so you can reach your goal. This volunteering program is about sharing, teaching, showing, giving as well as it is about nature. Everything is up to you 😉 We also have to adapt to local conditions and the weather, so be aware that some of the planned activities can change. We will visit nearby towns, mountain and find out how to live in harmony with ourselves, others and nature, have fun and many, many more. Keep in mind that sharing is caring and we would like that after this experience you will share all that you learned with your community back home. We always learn from each other!

If you want to apply to send in English your CV and motivational letter asap on the email:

or  fill in the form by this link

Candidate from Vinnytsia will receive preferences


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