ChangeLog Foundation спільно із Kreisau-Initiative відкривають набір для участі в тренінгу “Once upon today … Europe”

During the meeting youth workers will work on the linking points between their own biographies and the history of the countries they live in. The project encourages participants to reflect about different narratives considering the background of their individual identities, biographies, experiences and memories. It is the project’s goal to initiate a transnational dialogue and allow for a deeper understanding of perceptions and interpretations of past and future in different countries.

As participants come from different communities, countries and professional backgrounds, they will exchange their experiences in the field, try new methods and develop new approaches for their educational work with young people. Those methods and selected results of the workshops will be shared on an internet blog and regularly be renewed.

After the training, participants will use this expertise to carry out small projects with young people to discover hidden and interesting stories in their home towns.

Dates: 15.04.2016  –   21.04.2016

Venue: Krzyzowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Krzyzowa, 758-112, Grodziszcze, Poland

Participants: 5 persons of different ages (18 years upwards) living in Ukraine who are interested in the topic of historical narratives. Participants should be committed to international cooperation or be active in youth meetings, citizenship education or related fields of work with young people. The training is part of a two-step project. Participants of the training are invited to carry out small projects on history with young people in their home cities over the summer.

Activities during the project:

  • Lectures and discussion forums
  • Excursion to the European Capital of Culture 2016, Wroclaw
  • Workshops
  • Microprojects

Participation Costs:

Participation fee (covers accommodation, full board and all activities): 30 EUR
(These fees refer to the training’s attendance. If the fee is a significant obstacle You cannot overcome, please send us the information about that with the description of the problem – we will try to reduce the participation fee.)
Travel costs: For participants from Ukraine can be reimbursed expenses of the economy class travel costs.

Правила участі:

Якщо Вас зацікавила можливість участі в проекті, просимо Вас надіслати своє стандартне резюме та мотивацію участі в проекті, оформлену за аплікаційною формою – Application_OUT_2016, на електронну скриньку
(Надсилаючи своє резюме Ви надаєте згоду на внесення Ваших відомостей до інформаційної системи нашої організації. Ваші відомості будуть використовуватись виключно з метою реалізації організацією своїх статутних цілей та завдань. Передача персональних даних третім особам не допускається.)

Кінцевий термін надсилання – середа, 02 березня 2016 року.



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