Молодіжний обмін “Mixed up”

НГО Стелла шукає участників на молодіжний обмін в Іспанії.
Dates: 22-30 January 2019
Place: Solorzano, Cantabria
Deadline for application:01.12.2019 23.59
Nowadays we live in plural societies, composed of people from multiple cultures, beliefs, traditions … this variety is very positive if it is well understood, but also involves important remains and generally we are not prepared to face them. For this reason, phenomena such as nationalisms, religious radicalisms, confrontations and situations of discrimination, etc. happen all around us and we don’t know very well how to react.
With this reality, we consider this exchange as one more step to contribute to overcome the challenges that cultural diversity poses, exchanging ideas, opinions, experiences and knowledge, discovering that together we can overcome the challenges that arise. All this starting from the need to develop a vision of cultural diversity that considers such diversity as a source of wealth and an indispensable part
of the solution and development and not the source of problems.
  • To encourage personal growth and the development of key competencies among participants, especially those with fewer opportunities, through positive interaction with differences and active participation.
  • ️To understand the processes of discrimination and learn to face them
  • and eliminate them.
  • ️To promote the culture of dialogue, understanding and respect for the construction of a more diverse and inclusive society.
  • ️To recognize the value of cultural diversity in today’s society and how it has helped to build common European values.
  • open-minded young people, who are willing to actively participate in the exchange, and want to meet different cultures
  • interested in the main topic of the exchange;
  • capable to communicate in English
  • 18-30 years old
The project is financed by Erasmus+ Programme:
Travel costs are 100 % covered within the limit according to the rules of Erasmus+ proramme
Food and accommodation will be covered for the entire project – 100%
Fee – 30 euros
In order to apply for the project please fill in this form https://goo.gl/3Ht1UX untill  01.12.2018

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