Міжнародний захід MediaBarCamp

Щорічно у Литві відбувається захід у форматі баркемпу – MediaBarCamp – програму якого організують самі учасники. Цього року пріоритетні теми: політична діяльність, гендерна рівність, ініціативи в регіонах.

Дати: 10 – 14 травня.

Дедлайн: 22 березня.

Детальний опис англійською:

Activists sharing the democratic values and not willing to float with the stream have been shaping the MediaBarCamp event and building the community since 2008. Once INSPIRED BY someone now they have become the inspiration to others, enabling those who are still hesitating on taking action and guiding them where and how to start.

Activist driven MediaBarCamp is famous for being a catalyst for new initiatives and projects, being a place where people meet, learn, experience the work together, INSPIRE one another and come back to their local communities to take solo or joint action in the field they find the change is needed, a touch of creativity and fresh ideas are necessary.

MediaBarCamp – a space where passionate, idea driven individuals and groups from Belarus, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia and other countries are gathering yearly to discuss, network and share their experience on making change in their local communities, society and country. 4-day non-conference event is every time a unique and uplifting experience – mostly created and INSPIRED BY over 100 international participants themselves.

 Activists are invited to choose the best way to reveal their experience of their project or initiative implementation in order to INSPIRE other participants. The experience could be shared through organizing the practical workshops, taking part in panel discussions, creating various performances, simulations, actions and/or designing any other possible experience for MediaBarCamp community members.

You are mostly welcome to join MediaBarCamp community and by participating in INSPIRED BY event become MediaBarCamp member. While for many it may seem that we are alone in this work, this gathering reminds us we are in this together and will be more successful if we learn from each other. Those of us from MediaBarCamp community who attend the event come back INSPIRED and full of new ideas.

Джерело: http://www.mediabarcamp.com/

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