ЄВС-проекти в Австрії

НГО “Стелла” шукає учасників для довгострокових волонтерських проектів у сфері медіа.
Коли: 01.02.2019-31.01.2020
Де: Salzburg, Австрія
Дедлайн: 16 вересня, 23:00 за київським часом

1) FS1 Community TV

FS1 is Salzburg’s Community TV station.  It is an independent, non-commercial, non-profit TV station in Salzburg, Austria. We run a 24h Television programme, featuring the civil society of Salzburg. 30 organisations and 80 individuals are member of the organisation, together with independent producers a “user generated TV” is produced and broadcasted. We run an intense traing and workshop program called “FS1 Academy” to qualify producers from all social, economic and cultural backrounds.FS1 has high ethic goals, we support minorities, migrants, impaired people, youth, cultural and subcultural movements and are partnering with similar organisations in the field of media literacy, media training and education.

Your tasks:
EVS at FS1 offers the possibility to experience the work in the medium of TV broadcasting. The volunteer will get the chance to get to know all departments in a community TV station (from organisation/administration to TV workshops and own TV programms).

One of our aims – among others – is the transfer of know-how and competence in media. Especially young people should learn to express their opinions freely. In addition they should also gain technical experience. With the project ‘European Voluntary Service’ this aim is also linked to one of our further principles: the exchange of information and experience across the borders. The Project ‘European Voluntary Service’ is in line with our philosophy, to be a platform that connects cultures and also generations.
The volunteer can learn a lot about TV journalism, moderation and TV techniques. She/he will be a part of the team, especially of the editorial staff. After the time working here she/he will be able to make an TV program and got an insight in and an overview over the work of an (non commercial) TV station (and also of an institution, that carries out many projects).

What you should bring in:
The volunteer should have technical interest and interest in media. She/he should be motivated for creating own inputs for the television, work independently and be creative. Some experience (study, job…) in media or cultural institutions would be fine, but is not necessary, because FS1 will qualify the volunteer in our “FS1 Academy”.

2) International Center for New Media

The ICNM – International Center for New Media (www.icnm.net) – is a non-profit association, specialized in networking throughout Europe and all over the world. ICNM focuses on the use of digital technologies, social entrepreneurship and creative content (“Digital Creativity improving Society”). It also offers educational programmes to young people. ICNM stands out with its special emphasis on the evaluation, promotion and showcasing of best practise in digital projects improving society.

Your tasks:
You support the team by writing e-mails, organizing press clippings, update the contact database and marketing materials, a.s.o. You should also be willing and able to travel and have fun working hands-on at events. Please notice that most of your work will be office-related.

What you should bring in:
The ICNM is interested in young persons who would like to bring their social and cultural experience into international projects (English speaking preferred). You should be willing to learn and to have a general interest in new media and e-contents. You need computer skills (at least office programs like word, excel, etc.); any experience with other programs (e.g. photoshop, wordpress, etc) is most welcome.

How to apply
Please send your motivation letter and CV to efd@akzente.net until September 16 indicating which project you apply for in the subject line of your e-mail. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

Don’t forget to indicate, that your sending organization is

More info: http://www.akzente.net/fachbereiche/erasmus-jugend-in-aktion/dein-freiwilligenprojekt-ab-ins-ausland/volunteering-vacancies-in-salzburg/

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