На всі смаки: волонтерство у студії драми, цирку, в департаменті мистецтва, молодіжному клубі та багато іншого!

Якщо твоя мрія – ЄВС у Чехії, то ця супер можливість саме для тебе! Центри для роботи з молоддю та дітками, допомога в розробленні навчальних програм, студія драми, цирк, департамент мистецтва, молодіжний клуб та багато іншого!

НГО “Стелла” шукає волонтерів на відразу 10 вакантних позицій для довгострокового волонтерства!

Коли: 1.10.2019 – 31.8.2020 (11 місяців)

Де: Брно, Чехія

Дедлайн: 3 березня 2019


1) Atelier Lávka

Volunteer’s main task will be assisting the team of pedagogues during the educational programs for schools, as well as during the film and animation workshops (clubs). The volunteer can offer the youngsters new activities (workshops, festivals etc.) or encourage and support them to organize their own events (e.g jam sessions or exhibitions). Volunteer can offer activities to youngsters according to their abilities and interests (for example in the field of music or arts).

More infohttps://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-atelier-lavka/


2) Labyrint – Studio of Drama Education

Labyrint is located close to Bohunice and Stary Liskovec districts of Brno. We are mainly focused on the art activities as theatre, video, dance, and music. We have little theatre hall, gym, club and other spaces for our workshops. We also organize some events like events for public community, seminars, theatre plays and festivals.

We are looking forward to a volunteer, who is ready to learn, bring new ideas and energy and create his / her own projects.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-labyrint/


3) Lata – Centre of Leisure Time

Lata is workplace of organisation Luzanky – centre of leisure time, the oldest and biggest leisure time centre in the Czech Republic. Lata itself as a workplace exists since 2005 and offers activities for families with little children, pre-school children and children up to age of 12 years.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-lata/


4) Legato Circus

The task of the volunteer is to join the circus lessons for children, assist the lectors during lessons, help children, and learn how to teach them. The volunteer will participate in the preparation of circus performances with the children, organization of events (festivals, performances, weekends for children, etc.) and assist with other activities (sewing costumes…). Previous circus experience would be an advantage (to share it with children, to bring new ideas, games, activities…), but is not the main condition.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-legato-circus/


5) Lidická – Department of Arts

Lidicka is looking for a volunteer that would work mainly with children in drawing, painting, graphic and ceramic classes. We expect the volunteer to help us with various art workshops and also to be involved in organizing summer camps for children. Attending occasional art sessions outside of Luzanky will be a part of the volunteer´s work too.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-lidicka/


6) Louka – Centre of Leisure Time

As a Louka volunteer, your tasks will be to assist the classes (both afterschool clubs and educational programs for schools in the mornings) as a support teacher, help with the preparation of the public events and help with pre-school kids in the kindergarten, and also participate on the camps during the year.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-louka/


7) Lyska Youth Club

Lyska is looking for a volunteer who would like to assist the permanent staff in our programs for schools and the animation club delivered in one of the surrounding block of flats. The objective of our clubs is to provide quality free-time alternative activities for non-organized youngsters (children and teenagers). The role of the volunteer is to be with the youth in the club and to offer different activities to them. The participating children come from diverse backgrounds, and over the recent years, some of the participants were Roma youngsters facing social difficulties. We will be glad to host a volunteer who loves working with children and teenagers in fields such as arts, dance, theatre and music.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-lyska/


8) Alliance Française Brno

The volunteer will closely work with the staff of the Alliance Française (director, education/pedagogical coordinator, culture coordinator, teachers, assistant).

His/her role will be to help us to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, to make students and other visitors feel good at the Alliance Française, to facilitate relationships between students and the organization and to communicate around actions held by the Alliance Française. The volunteer will follow us during the events, will partly represent the organization during some fairs and markets. She/he will also have on her/his disposal a desk with a computer at the library, where she/he will work and welcome people.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-alliance-francaise-brno/


9) Lipka – facility Rozmarýnek

The volunteer will have responsibilities mostly in these areas:

– Maintenance of our precious garden, of our Ecohouse and care for animals. Garden jobs are seasonal (picking fruits, processing them, planting herbs, watering, composting, cutting grass…). Animals require feeding, cleaning, repair either terrariums or coops (we got rabbits, gooses, lizards, stick insects,…). Within the care of Ecohouse volunteer (for example) will cut wood and burn it in our fireplace.

– Environmental programs with (mostly) teenagers. Environmental education is the aim of our facility, so the volunteer will participate in preparing and leading weekend events for clubs, as well as one-week residential stays and summer camps. (approximately 5 weeks during the year)

– Preparation of aids and props for environmental programs.

– According to his/her language skills, volunteer will lead English lessons, workshops or conversations.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-lipka/


10) Siska Forest Kindergarten

Volunteer in Siska will be working mainly as a pedagogue assistant (helping during common activities, accompany with them children in the forest, assist in regular courses for kids – music, arts, sports, handicraft etc. – according to their interest, during occasional events or summer camps). Volunteers will be also helping children while putting on clothes, dining etc. and may be asked to help with practical tasks connected with running the kindegarten – cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning and gardening. Volunteers will be supported to bring new ideas and organize own activities for children.

More info: https://solidaritycorps.luzanky.cz/call-2019-2020-siska/


How to apply?

In order to apply, please read carefully the description, then send your CV, motivation letter and completed questionary to evs.assistant@luzanky.cz.

In the subject of the e-mail please write name of the EVS placement you are applying for and also to indicate that your sending organization is the Non-governmental organization “Kharkiv association for active youth” Stella “(PIC 947609200).

Відгук волонтера з НГО “Стелла” можете знайти за посиланням: https://ngo-stella.org/reports/Strengthening-Cooperation-Czech-Republic.

Бажаємо успіхів!


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