Креативне волонтерство у Німеччині

НГО “Стелла” шукає волонтера для 12-місячного креативного проекту у Німеччині!

Коли: Вересень 2020 (на 12 місяців)

Де: Leipzig, Німеччина

Дедлайн: 26.07.2020

The Kinder- und Jugendkulturwerkstatt (JuKuWe) is a public institution for children and youths independent of religion and social status. It is located on the edge of a residential area in the south-east part of Leipzig. It offers courses, projects and workshops for children and youths in the artistic and cultural field like Theatre, Art, Photography, Literature, Multimedia, Drawing and Pottery.


The volunteer will support the ongoing projects according to his/her abilities and interests, in the fields of artistic, multimedia, theatre, portrait or applied arts with children and youth. Office work in the background of the projects (e.g. correspondence, flyer design) is also a possible task. Those projects are possible from the local to international level, involving children or youths and are organized with various possible backgrounds or partners. During the service, the volunteer shall also invent, prepare and carry through a project of his own in the given fields. He/She will be a part of the team. The volunteer will be introduced to the team members and course leaders and get time to find orientation in the work of the JuKuWe. In addition, we will produce several project days towards „Solidarity – What means solidarity for me?“. The volunteers will be obligated to take part, to learn methods and the volunteers will be asked to create their own solidarity-mini-project.


Volunteers should be interested in our social and cultural work and have the desire to work independently. Some practical experience in the work with children and youths is welcome. We are delighted when volunteers come to us with their own ideas or even their own projects – special skills (e.g., musical instruments), special interests (e.g. history), or other unusual hobbies (e.g. juggling) are always welcome. Basic knowledge of German is advantageous for working with the visitors of the JuKuWe.

Link to the organization: www.jukuwe-leipzig.de

To apply, please complete the online application form

Information about the Sending organization:


PIC: 947609200

OID: E10185376

Address: Lugovska 7/1, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61029

Contact person: Nika Bunziak

Email: evs@ngo-stella.org, info@ngo-stella.org

Accreditation number 2018-1-PL01-KA110-051769

Phone number:+380977156420, +380634883589

Time is running. APPLY NOW!

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