Міжнародний університет з трансформації конфліктів

Учасники з України запрошуються на міжнародну зустріч, присвячену кращому розумінню регіональних конфліктів та засобам їх подолання.

Дати: 30 листопада – 4 грудня 2015 року.

Місце: Мінськ, Білорусь.

Дедлайн: 30 жовтня.

Детальний опис англійською:

The International University on Conflict Transformation is a continuation of the processes discussed above. The goal of the project is the promotion of the better understanding of the regional conflicts, and the peaceful transformation through conducting a series of lectures and a free public discussion.

The other objections are the trust building between future decision-makers, the rising of the awareness about the conflicts and the methods of their peaceful transformation. This is a unique opportunity for the young Ukrainian, Russian, Moldavian, Belarus, Georgian, Abkhazian, and Ossetian specialists to take part in this process and develop new ideas concerning the conflict transformation.

The invited international instructors, including the ones from the participants’ home countries, would give lectures about the conflict roots in the post-Soviet area, and would analyze number of prominent cases.

Twenty participants form the post-Soviet countries would take part in the five days lecture series (30 November – 4 December) in Minsk (Belarus). Russian would be the working language of the project.


All the expenses including transportation costs, accommodation and meals will be covered by “Caucasian House“ .


  • Age of the participants: 22-40
  • Education: Graduates of the social science, international relations, journalism and related departments or the senior year students
  • Occupation: journalists, academic sphere representatives, civil society, NGO and state agencies workers

The Russian language knowledge is obligatory

Applicants should send their CV and the motivation letter no later than 30th of October to the following e-mail address:ch.application2015@gmail.com

For additional details forward your message to the project assistant Rauf Chichinadze by e-mail

info@caucasianhouse.ge or call +995 592 810 810

Джерело: http://caucasianhouse.ge/en/about/news/konfliqtebis-transformatsiis-saertashoriso-universiteti



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