Міжнародний курс “Clean Technologies – Environmental technology, innovation and management systems as a means for regional and local economic development”

Ізраїльська агенція з міжнародного співробітництва МАШАВ оголошує про набір учасників міжнародного курсу.
Дати: 27 серпня – 20 вересня 2017 року.
Дедлайн: 30 червня.
Детальний опис англійською:
The course aims to:
  • Provide participants with knowledge, tools and strategies related to clean technologies
  • Inspire and energize participants to be agents for positive change in their countries
  • Expose participants to new approaches and opportunities in the field of clean technology
  • Present Israel as a case study from which to draw valuable lessons about clean technology
  • Enrich participants with professional skills with which to develop their careers and best benefit their communities and countries
  • Connect participants with an international network of professionals in their field
Who may apply?
The training targets highly motivated decision makers, policy makers and professionals from the fields of
energy, water, waste, agriculture, climate change, infrastructure and economic development, those
working in government ministries (such as local government, planning, development, energy and others), in local authorities, NGO’s and CBO’s active in the field of entrepreneurship and startup, venture capital funds, business organizations, and academic institutions engaged with cleantech and entrepreneurship programs.
Application Process
Candidates must complete the appropriate application forms (including health certificate, declaration etc.)
available at the Israeli diplomatic mission in their country, or through the Internet
http://mashav.mfa.gov.il, www.weitz-center.org. The completed forms should be submitted in
WORD documents to the Israeli mission in your area and sent to our office (ronit@weitz-center.org)no later than June 30st, 2017. Candidates must also hand in a passport photo by electronic file.

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