Термінова пропозиція – волонтерство у Болгарії від НГО “Стелла”

Коли: 01/09/2020 to 31/07/2021
Де: Tervel, Bulgaria
Дедлайн: 24/07/2020

Four volunteers will participate in the project – long-term volunteer service at the Professional School of equipment and clothing “Docho Mikhailov” in Tervel. The short-term goals of the project are a targeted and systematic impact on participants for their personal development, promotion of intercultural, inter-religious dialogue and linguistic diversity; Promoting a healthy lifestyle through sport, tourism and outdoor activities; Inclusion of European values. At the Kindergarten “Detelina”, one volunteer will support the organization’s activities related to early language education for children. At the School board “Docho Mihaylov” 3 volunteers will work with young people,will participate in informal language courses, volunteering campaigns, sports activities with youth from the organization and from the city, early language training with children from kindergartens.

The Volunteer will be accommodated in a single room in a house with two other volunteers from the project. He/she is going to share the kitchen and bathroom with them. Volunteer’s allowance “Pocket money”of the volunteer for additional personal expenses is 91 € per month Food money for the volunteer are part of the Organizational support – 128 € per month Travel costs of volunteers will be reimbursed up to the lump sum according to the distance calculator of the EC calculated from registration address of the sending organisation to the registration address of the receiving organization.

18-30 y.o., motivated, communicative, inquisitive, open, active, creative.

Information about the Sending organization:
PIC: 947609200
OID: E10185376
Address: Lugovska 7/1, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61029
Contact person: Nika Bunziak
Accreditation number 2018-1-PL01-KA110-051769
Phone number:+380977156420, +380634883589
Time is running. APPLY NOW!

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