Молодіжний обмін ““Be a reason to smile”

НГО “Go On” шукає двох груп-лідерів на молодіжний обмін, що відбудеться 14 – 22 липня у Вірменії. Попередня зустріч відбудеться 22 – 24 червня.

Дедлайн: 18 травня.

Детальний опис англійською:

We are looking for 2 group-leaders (no age limit, over 18 years old) for the Youth Exchange “Be a reason to smile”, in Kalavan (Armenia).

Group leaders will have to attend a preparation meeting, from 22nd to 24th June 2018, and the youth exchange from 14th to 22nd July 2018.

Travel tickets for the selected participants will be bought directly by the organizers. No need to wait for the reimbursement!
You also have a chance to arrive 2 days before the project and to stay 2 days after and to explore Yerevan or Tbilisi!

Interested? Apply until 18.05.2018!

40 youngsters from Armenia, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Ukraine will meet for a youth exchange “Be a reason to smile” in Kalavan (Armenia). The main objectives of the project are: to enhance self-esteem of the youngsters with fewer opportunities; to promote participation of the youth finding their way into local society; to strengthen social connections in neighborhoods and to encourage local initiatives for youngsters; to inspire, stimulate and motivate young people in their personal development.

Reimbursement limits:
275 euro – travel grant (tickets will be bought by the organizers); 100% coverage of the hotel and food (accommodation will be in Hooga House http://hoogahouse.com/ ).
Participation fee: 40 euro.

Send us your motivation letter until 18.05.2018 on ukraine.go.on@gmail.com, with the subject “Be a reason to smile!”

Джерело: https://www.facebook.com/go.on.ukraine/photos/a.236394596868453.1073741828.222066361634610/363081040866474/?type=3&theater

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