Стипендії для участі в літніх курсах німецької мови

Науковці та студенти, які володіють німецькою мовою на початковому рівні, можуть подавати заявки на участь у мовних курсах.

Дати: серпень 2015 року.

Місце: Баварія, Німеччина

Дедлайн: 1 квітня 2015 року.

Детальний опис англійською:

The Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST) is a cooperative institution of all Bavarian universities, universities of applied sciences and art academies. They provide information about research cooperation, coordinate academic relations with Eastern Europe and support academic exchanges between students and scientists. The institution strives to promote and intensify cooperation in research and teaching with universities in Eastern Europe and to establish new contacts with potential partners.

Students and young scientists with the nationality of the following countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Applicants have to be enrolled or employed at a university of these countries at the time of application. They should have basic knowledge of German (at least A2-level).

The scholarships include the course fee, accommodation and a small allowance for food. Travel costs, insurance and visa costs will not be reimbursed.

How to apply?
The following documents are required by 1 April 2015:

  • An online application form that is filled-in completely (it is not needed to send a printed version of the online application form by post);
  • A letter of motivation concerning your participation in a German language course in Bavaria (in German or English, 1-2 DIN A4 pages);
  • A tabular CV with a recent passport photo – a possible model format can be found HERE;
  • A proof of previous exams (i.e. a copy of your study book or university transcript). A translation or authorisation of these documents is not necessary;
  • A proof that you are currently enrolled at a university in your home country (i.e. copy of current transcript or student ID);
  • A proof of German proficiency of at least A2-level (any certificate/letter proving your German knowledge will be sufficient)
  • A photocopy of your passport or ID-card;
  • Optional: A proof of internships or voluntary work.

Please do not send the originals of these documents, but copies only. You do not need to have them translated or certified legally. Application deadline is 1 April 2015, meaning that all documents have to be at the BAYHOST office by then. Keep in mind possible obstacles such as strikes, bad weather conditions, holidays etc. This date is a cut-off period! Late applications cannot be considered and will be excluded from the selection process. The same applies to applications that are incomplete or do not comply with the set formalities.

Please send your documents to the following address:

BAYHOST, Stichwort: „Sommersprachkursbewerbung“

Application documents sent by fax or e-mail will not be considered.

Джерело: http://www.uni-r.de/bayhost/english/scholarships/language-courses-in-bavaria/index.html

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