Весняна школа “Work, Employment and Inequality”

Аспіранти та молоді науковці зі ступенем запрошуються до участі у весняній школі.

Дати: 19 – 23 березня 2018 року.

Місце: Турин, Італія.

Дедлайн – 4 лютого.

Детальний опис англійською:

The topic for the sixth edition of the ECSR Spring School is “Work, Employment, and Inequality”. The School is promoted by the European Consortium of Sociological Research (ECSR), Collegio Carlo Alberto and by the universities of Milan and Turin in the frame of the NASP, Network for the Advancement in Social and Political Studies. It provides high-quality training on leading-edge theories and methods concerning the changing structure of work, occupations, and employment.

The focus of the school is on how changes in the occupational structure, the labor market, and employment relationships affect the life chances of different socioeconomic groups such as youths, women, the working class or migrants. A limited number of doctoral students and young researchers will participate in a five-day, full-immersion course, including lectures on the key topics in the field – both conceptual and methodological -, workshops and the opportunity to present their work and have it discussed by leading scholars in the field.

The School is organized by Gabriele Ballarino (University of Milan), Daniel Oesch (University of Lausanne), Filippo Barbera, Tiziana Nazio and Manuela Naldini (Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin). Lectures will be given and presentations discussed by Gabriele Ballarino, Paolo Barbieri (University of Trento), Thijs Bol (University of Amsterdam), Stefano Cantalini (University of Milan), Giorgio Cutuli (University of Trento), Jerry Jacobs (University of Pennsylvania), Daniel Oesch, Jacqueline O’Reilly (University of Brighton), Nazareno Panichella (University of Milan), Helen Russell (ESRI, Dublin), Cristina Solera (Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin), Heike Solga (WZB, Berlin).


Doctoral students and young researchers.


  • Admission to the School is free of charge;
  • Admitted students will be provided with hotel accommodation, all lunches, and the social dinner;
  • Other dinners and travel expenses to and from Turin will not be covered.

How to apply?

Applications have to be sent by email to: mito.school@unimi.it before February 4, 2018, and should include:

  • an abstract of the paper that will be presented (up to 500 words);
  • a short summary of Ph.D. thesis project or current research (up to 3 pages);
  • a brief CV (one page).
    *Priority in admission will be given to students from Institutions that belong to the ECSR.

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