Міжнародний студентський фестиваль у Грайфсвальді

В українських студентів є можливість взяти участь у глобальному студентському фестивалі, що відбувається в німецькому містечку Грайфсвальд кожні два роки.

Дедлайн: 15 січня.

Детальний опис англійською:

The Greifswald International Students Festival (GrIStuF) is a biannual festival hosted by volunteers in North East Germany. Its aim is to connect students from all over the world in dialogue beyond nationalities, race or religion. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas and enables discussion on current topics. This years theme Sea: the Future. Discovering the Ocean Current will put in focus the state of our oceans, their role on energy, trade, or culture, as well as issues like migration and the ocean’s pollution.

Under the motto “Sea: the Future” we are already looking forward to the next Greifswald International Students Festival 2016! From 4th to 11th of June 2016 approximately 150 students from all over the world will be hosted in Greifswald to deal with workshops concerning the oceans – suitable for the 21st century that is better known as the century of the sea. We will focus on topics like environment including pollution and energy, but also cultural perspectives, migration over the sea and ecological  aspects. Cultural events such as films, music and party that suit the motto will complete the programme. You can find more information on the workshops here.

Онлайн-заявка тут http://gristufems.stechow.org/

Джерело: http://www.students-festival.de/


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