ЄВС-проект у Туреччині

Харківська НГО “Стелла” шукає 1 волонтера на вже профінансований довгостроковий ЄВС проект в Туреччину, що починається вже цього літа !!!

Цей проект – це твій реальний шанс розпочати ЄВС проект у молодіжній організації вже цього літа! Головним чином проект зосереджений на роботі з молоддю.

Місце: Муш, Туреччина
Дати: червень 2017 – червень 2018
Тривалість: 12 місяців
Вік: 18-30 років
Витрати на транспорт, харчування, проживання, страхування та кишенькові гроші покриваються грантом від Європейської Комісії

Дедлайн – 30 квітня 2017

Детальний опис проекту та організації англійською мовою:

Project will take place in MUS, Turkey. Mus is located at the east of Turkey. The Province of Muş is located at the Easter Anatolian Region and the province is famous for its cultural creations and lakes.

Youth Accumulation Association was established in 2006 in Mus by a group of young people in order to contribute to the social and personal development of young people.

The four main objectives of our association are:
1- To enhance respect, friendship and tolerance among young people and to help them to become conscious individuals
2- To support the talents of young people by trainings
3- To help young people to participate and to harmonize not only in the business life but also in civil life successfully
4- To protect and to raise awareness among young people about any kind of health threat, especially about cancer

International “Blooming Plant” Oncology Days, one of the most important international activities of ours for protecting children and young people against cancer, was realized in 2007 in Mus for the first time. Each year, International “Blooming Plant” Oncology Days is being organized with a different theme; among the participants there are representative of public institutions, non-governmental organizations, youth centers, international institutions as well as scientists. The event has the characteristic of a platform where the best practices and experiences about combating cancer are being shared.

EURODESK is an European information network which provides information about the European opportunities and activities for young people in education and youth field. In 2010, our application to become EURODESK Local Relay approved and in April 2010 we become EURODESK Local Relay in Mus.

During the activities volunteers work with people who live in Mus. So volunteers will meet a new culture. Our association is working many areas about youth and health issues. So volunteers will work with local young people. Also our association has some mobility activities and visits the villages of Mus for raising awareness about Cancer. During these activities volunteers visit the villages and little districts in Mus.

For volunteers:

  • They can develop their skills during this project.
  • They can raise their awareness about youth health issues.
  • They can meet local cultures in Mus and also in Turkey. So they can join intercultural learning activities.
  • They can develop their language and communication skills.
  • They can create new projects
  • They will have chance to explain their own culture to the others.
  • They can develop their organizational skills.

We have mobile vehicle for mammography and we visit the villages and do some activities with specialist and doctors. Also volunteers do some activities with young people and do some activities for raising awareness about breast cancer. Also they can create new activities about this issue.

Also we organize some seminars and trainings about cancer. Our volunteers work with local volunteers for organizing these events. We have a big event every year. During this symposium volunteers can organize some activities for young people. Also this event is an international event and they can organize some international event for this activity.

As an organization we are Euro desk Turkey Relay and we organize a lot of activities about youth information. Volunteers can join these activities and create new tools for youth information.

For us the most important thing for being an EVS volunteer is motivation. So we are looking for volunteers’ motivation first. So when we are choosing volunteers, we try to find these qualifications:

  • they should know something about the philosophy of EVS and conditions in EVS
  • they should be motivated for participating in projects
  • they should have enough motivation to work in youth groups or associations
  • they can be motivated and flexible for working within International Groups
  • they should be open minded for working with the other cultures
  • they should be creative developing new activities
  • they should take initiative for create new activities

Як подавати заявку

Надсилайте ваші СВ та заповнену анкету (у прикріплених файлах) на salih_yuce@yahoo.com і на evs@ngo-stella.org до 30 квітня. У темі листа вказуйте “EVS in Turkey, Mus”.


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