ЄВС-проект в Іспанії

Харківська НГО “Стелла” шукає волонетра на довготерміновий проект, пов’язаний із роботою з людьми похилого віку.

Дедлайн – 31 березня.

Детальний опис англійською:

Dates: 01-06-2017 – 01-05-2018

Place: Lorca (region of Murcia), Spain

Type: EVS

Participants: 1

Deadline: 31-03-2017


The hosting organization is Residencia de Ancianos de San Diego – Residential Care Center (Nursing Home) for the elderly, which aims to cater all necessities for its users through custom integral attention. The organization wants to increase the quality of life of these residents by promoting their independence and autonomy. Also, the workers of the centre want to facilitate the integration and coexistence in the center by favoring interactions with the environment. They aim to offer the residents a living space which is safe, accesible and adjusted to their needs.


The project aims to facilitate the inclusion of youngsters by involving them in activities of support and motivation of elderly people in order to encourage their autonomy, values, development and learning to work with people, through daily coexistence in an institutionalized environment.

The final result would be a collective space for living, mutual learning from foreign cultures, which would serve as support for the necessities of the residents. These necessities could include: mobility, breathing, excursion, support in manipulating objects, support in their intellectual and creative evolution and encouragement to use all their physical and psychosocial abilities. In return, the volunteer will be able to dive into the new and interesting culture, language and local customs through dialogue and participation in everyday life and special occasions that will be held in the сentre.

The groups of elderly people who reside in such centers are in great risk of social exclusion because they generally need more attention in various areas related to the process of getting old, such as: special caregiving, help in overcoming pain, help with activities of daily life, support in adaptating to a new environment, assimilation and understanding of the aging process.

For this reason, the project acquires a strong trait in corresponding social, behavioral and rehabilitative intervention processes which will be carried out in order to improve the daily life of the center’s users. The interpersonal and group interaction with youngsters, professionals, staff and other groups of elderly people could make them feel more useful and boost their self-esteem because they will benefit from an environment which recognizes their role in today’s society and also promotes and encourages the use of their soft skills and social skills. The main motivator is to fight against the difficulties faced by the residents of the center, by offering them a broad activity programme (mobility and exercices, excursions to different places, leisure) which enables them to maintain their health while enjoying a comfortable environment.

Volunteer will join one of the following programmes that are ran by the centre:

1. Reading club

2. Handmade workshop

3. Press workshop

4. Theater workshop

5. Emotional intelligence

6. Functional stimulation

7. Cognitive stimulatio


The volunteer has to meet the following requirements:

  • be closer to age of 30 (to be not more than 30 years old for the moment when the project begins), or be trained and mature enough to deal with older people;
  • knowledge of Spanish would be an additional benefit but it is not an essential requirement;
  • affectionate people with a lot of patience, understanding, closeness, tolerance, cheerfulness and encouragement for all the groups, making their life most beautiful, quiet and simple;
  • creative and motivating character with energy;
  • must not have any problem with the Catholic religion, since this is a Catholic religious foundation;
  • can fulfill the schedule in which they are involved;
  • must be responsible and conscious with the group that will carry out his/her work;
  • it is not required to have a degree or specialized training, as always volunteer’s work will be led by professionals in the area;
  • knowledge related to the training in social area, mobility or geriatrics will be appreciated: (Social work, Psychology, Nursing, Physiotherapist, Pedagogy etc.).

Financial conditions

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program.

  • All expenses for visa, insurance, accommodation, food and international travel costs are fully covered.
  • Volunteer will share an appartment with other volunteers, having a single room, not far away from the centre of activities.
  • Volunteer will receive monthly allowance of 105€ of pocket money and 150€ for food. There is a possibility to have meals in the centre, if volunteers wish to do so. In that case volunteers will only receive money for food for weekends and holidays – approximately 5 euros per day.
  • There are two obligatory trainings for the volunteer – on-arrival training once he/she comes to Spain and mid-term training after 6 months of the service.

In order to apply, you should send your CV and motivation letter to evs@ngo-stella.org before the deadline. Please make sure that in your motivation you describe your willingness to work with elderly people as for the hosting organization it is very important to have a very motivated volunteer. In the subject of your e-mail you should indicate “EVS in Residencia de Ancianos de San Diego”. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Джерело: http://ngo-stella.org/projects/EVS-in-Residencia-de-Ancianos-de-San-Diego

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