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Коли: червень 2018 – березень 2019 (10 місяців)
Де: Vievis – small town of Lithuania 30 minutes away from Vilnius capital of Lithuania
Дедлайн: 7 Травня 2018
About the center
Vievis Children’s Day Centre is the governmental enterprise from Elektrenai municipality. The purpose of the centre is to provide social care, psychological, spiritual and material help for children from socially disadvantaged background (from the families-in need, from the social risk group families, or single-parent families etc.) The tasks of the centre is to educate the child and make him prepared to be a self-independent person who is responsible for his own behaviour; to encourage the family to work on the welfare of the child; to organize cultural, sport, art activities for children; to organize activities for children occupation after school; to organize prevention against drug, alcohol, nicotine abuse etc.
The main activities of the centre are as follow: after school activities (various art, music, sport, cultural workshops) food provision (lunch after school), help doing homework, organise trips and excursions, organizing camps etc.
Nowadays the centre is being attended by 40 children from social risk families. There are 7 staff members in the day centre: the director, two social workers, a psychologist, a cook, a cleaning lady and a driver. Some of them work part time
Project environment:
The day care centre is situated in Vievis, in a 2 floor house with a small garden, a lawn and a small playground for children to play sports. The target group of this centre are children from the social risk families, suffering from domestic violence in the families or alcohol abuse or having social problems (aggression, school non attendance, etc.) or simply from families with less opportunity, who needs extra social help.
Vievis is a small town situated in the midway of two biggest cities of Lithuania -Kaunas and Vilnius and belongs to the municipality of Elektrenai. It is very comfortable to reach Vilnius or Kaunas by the highway that goes through the town, or by the train that goes quite often from the railway station of Vievis. The number of inhabitants is approximately 5 thousand. There is a big lake nearby Vievis surrounded by forests and big lawns. Vievis is a small town, there people know each other that helps to solve some social problems. The unemployment is quite high that causes more and more social problems. There is one gymnasium, one secondary schools, one youth school for disadvantaged young people, an art school and a sport school. Many people can speak Russian as a first or as a second language. There are two churches in Vievis, a catholic and an orthodox church. There is a big supermarket and some small shops as well there are few bars and cafes, two museums, a hotel for tourists.
The main role for the volunteer activities is going to be as follow:
1) to participate in the daily activities of the day centre (to work in the team and with the team, to be a helper of the social worker);
2) to help to organize children free time occupation (different games, workshops, events, organized together with the staff members);
3) presentation about the country of the volunteer,
4) to take part in development and realization of the day centre projects and own initiative projects: volunteer will have a possibility to teach children in an interactive and non formal way, if he or she has specific knowledge in some kind of sphere (music, art, sport, language skills, etc.)
5) participate in the educational process (participation in the learning seminars – organized by the hosting and coordinating organization and National Agency.
There are three main stages for the EVS volunteer in the organization:
1. SOCIALIZATION stage. Cultural program, start of linguistic courses, knowing Lithuanian social help system, institution structure, preparation seminar for a volunteer, getting acquainted with the staff, target group and local people.
2. SHARING and ACTING stage. Participation in daily life of Vievis day centre: playing with children, helping with homework; helping with cleaning; attending workshops: art, music, dances, sport etc.
3. INITIATIVE and EVALUATION stage. Possibility to start volunteer own initiatives in a project (any kind of workshop, performance, summer camp, hiking, concert – it will come out of the volunteer abilities and creativity). Making a plan of the project dissemination. Evaluation of a project in the professional and personal level.
Working in these spheres volunteers will be able to learn many competences from in the non formal education way, especially the ones mentioned in the youth pass: communication in languages, social and civil competence; learning to learn; cultural awareness and expression etc. Planning and realization abilities, public performance and presentation abilities, group leading skills, communicational skills, will learn to be open to the new possibilities and challenges. Volunteers learn to be self-dependent and responsible. Volunteer will learn evaluate his/her experience. Cultural awareness is going to play a big part in the learning process. The volunteer will experience the other culture through living and working in the rural aria.
Volunteer profile:
18-30 years old;
It would be an advantage if the volunteer was motivated to work in a small town with children. He/she was active, open for learning and new experience, tolerant to national issues etc.
Previous experience in work with children is an advantage as well as possession of creative skills like music, dances, and handicrafts.
In order to apply, please send your CV and motivation letter to evs.action@gmail.com and put evs@ngo-stella.org into copy till the 7 May.

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