ЄВС-проект у Латвії

НГО “Стелла” шукає 1  волонтера на профінансований ЄВС проект, у Латвії що розпочинається у травні 2018го та триватиме до травня 2019 року (12 місяців).
Волонтер має бути у віці 18-30 років та мати високу мотивацію участі у проекті.

Дедлайн – 18 лютого!
Коли: 01/05/2018 – 30/04/2019
Де: Jelgava, Latvia
Дедлайн: 18/02/2018

About Junda
Junda is a Children and Youth Centre (CYC “Junda”) founded in 1989, where young people can spend their free time and participate in more than 45 afterschool activity groups (IT, music workshops, folk dance, leather work, ceramics, floristic, languages, computers, etc.) Our youth centre is based in Jelgava city (about 54,000 inhabitants) and attracts about 1,300 young people in the activities monthly. The age of participants is from three months old babies up to 25 year olds. With the beginning of the school year (the 1 st of September) our afterschool workshop groups take place throughout the school year till the 31st of May. During summer the centre usually provides a summer camp for Jelgava city children. The aims of our centre are to improve free time activities for youngsters by providing different workshops, by organizing events, competitions and by working on the projects, seminars, forums or discussions about youth problems. There are organized youth exchanges, EVS (European Voluntary Service) projects and experience sharing trips with other NGOs or youth centers.

Children and Youth Centre “Junda” has more than 10 years of experience in EVS project coordination. During these years the centre has received 12 volunteers from such countries as Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Georgia, etc. The main responsibilities for the volunteers have been work with children and youngsters during after-school workshop activities and programs, summer camps, youth events and festivals, conferences and workshops at local city schools about European opportunities. In order to raise awareness towards different cultures and assisting local schools in their daily work, Children and Youth Centre “Junda” is planning to continue working with volunteers on EVS program. Volunteers usually have important role in representing their culture to local environment, in work with local youngsters and promotion of program “Erasmus +” activities at various events.

About Jelgava city
Jelgava is the capital of Zemgale (one of four regions of Latvia) which pleasantly surprises its visitors. With 54,000 inhabitants and total area of 60 km2 Jelgava ranks among the largest cities of Latvia. It is situated just 45 km from the capital Riga. Jelgava is a hometown of the most popular Latvian pop-group “Brainstorm” – members of the band have grown up and attended school here. The Latvia University of Agriculture is situated in the city with 6,000 students and therefore you might notice that sometimes Jelgava is called a Students’ City. Jelgava is considered as one of the greenest cities in Latvia. Wild horses feed in Lielupe flood-land meadows, which are located in the territory of the city. Jelgava County is known for many historical events and significant history sites as well as simple landscape of Zemgale terrain. The county is being crossed by the second largest river in Latvia – Lielupe. To learn more about Jelgava: www.visit.jelgava.lv

Volunteer profile
We are searching for 2 very motivated volunteers from 2 different countries. Volunteers should be aged between 18 and 30, and willing to take a challenge of coming to Latvia for a year. The long term volunteering project will take place in in the biggest Children and Youth Centre in Jelgava city – JUNDA. Volunteers would assist to 1-2 teachers at the after-school workshops (handcrafts, arts, culture, sports, dance and etc.), summer camp activities and would be enrolled in youth initiative or project creation that involves local environment and youngster awareness of European opportunities within “Erasmus +” program. The volunteers would also be enrolled in work with information and web communication tools, would develop their ideas by providing their own workshops at local “Youth Club”. There is a big chance to work on international project ideas and activity creation during the volunteering year. Any new project, youth leisure time or youth event initiative will be considered as an advantage.

We would appreciate motivation, creativity and ability to participate in a year long EVS project. Basic English and Russian language skills and reediness to learn Latvian is advisable. Such skills as teamwork, readiness to work with children and assist at workshops or willingness to get to know better rural life is a must.

How to apply
Please send us your CV and motivation letter in English to junda@junda.lv and evs@ngo-stella.org з темою EVS in Children and Youth Centre “Junda”

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