ЄВС-проект у Латвії

НГО “Стелла” шукає учасника для довготермінового ЄВС проекту у Латвії, пов’язаного з роботою в школі.

Будь ласка, дуже уважно прочитайте опис проекту, перш ніж подаватись на нього. Вибір буде здійснюватись дуже відповідально! 

The project has a Christian profile, but it is very open environment just there need to be the interest and creativity from part of the volunteer. Interest in children, and interest or basic knowledge about Christian traditions, celebrations. 

Dates: 01/09/2017 – 31/05/2018 
Place: Liepaja, Latvia 
Type: EVS 
Participants: 1 
Deadline: 19/04/2017 

About the hosting organization: 
Liepaja Catholic Primary School is a private state accredited school founded in 1994 by Liepaja St. Joseph Roman Catholic Cathedral parish. 
School hosts around 150 pupils in age from 7 to 16 (1st – 9th grade of primary education). Each class has maximum number of pupils – 16. Therefore the teachers deal with small groups and everyone knows everybody in the school. As a private school it functions mainly with the support of private donors and the cooperation with the pupils’ families is very important in order to build mutual understanding, be a good team and promote the school on the background of state funded schools. 
Therefore Liepaja Catholic Primary School Support Association was founded in 2007 with an aim to facilitate the communication between the school and parents and promote the cooperation of the school community with other social organizations. 
The mission of the school and parents is to create an effective, modern and innovative open school fostering development of spiritually rich, creative and harmonic personalities with values based in Christianity. 

Proposed tasks for volunteers: 
There is a wide range of activities related with both, work in the class and outside the class. We would like to focus more on the second option – involving EVS volunteers in providing the free-time activities for children having breaks between classes or after classes, in the afternoon. Anyway, our familiar environment will welcome volunteers also to assist in the classroom if they will be motivated and interested. Therefore we would like to offer the involvement in the following activities: 
1) Organization of school breaks when children have free time, also assisting the kids in wheelchairs to get from one class to another. 
2) Creative afternoons in the school library where volunteers involve children in non-formal learning activities 
4. Assisting in English and/or French and/ or Russian language classes helping teacher to organize games fostering the foreign language use as well as presenting volunteers own country and culture. 
5) Assisting in other classes were the work is related with more practical tasks like visual arts, handcrafts and nature science when working in the laboratory 
6) Assisting in music, dance and sport classes. 
7) Assisting the classes in excursions, taking children to the swimming pool and other learning activities held outside the school, like visiting different institutions and getting to know specific of different professions. 
8) Helping in organizing thematical events like performances, contests, concerts for parents etc. 
9) Building interactive MINIPHANOMENTAS stations placed in hallways of the school. 

We require volunteers to fill in special questionary when applying. From all applications received by the deadline, there will be selected 4-6 applicants for Skype interviews to be held of 20 and 21 of April. 
The overall general motivation letters and CV forwarded to several hosting organisations will not be taken into consideration. We want to know why exactly the volunteer wants to come and work with us. 
The volunteer willing to apply for our project should be interested in work with children. It could be someone interested to study pedagogics afterwards. 
Any artistic, creative skills like music, dance, drawing and knowledge of English, Russian or French are welcome but not obligatory. 
Important aspect of our organization is the connection with Catholic church and parish people, so it is important that the volunteer has respect to the Christian values and faith without any fanaticism. 
In order to be allowed to work with school children the volunteer should present criminal record when arriving to the hosting organization. 

Financial conditions 
The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program. All expenses for visa, insurance, accommodation, food and international travel costs are fully covered. The volunteer will also receive pocket money monthly. 

For applying 
If you are interested to come and work with our children, please fill in the attached Application form and send it to EVS coordinator Agata Babina agata@radividipats.lvand put evs@ngo-stella.org in copy by the April 19th, 2017.

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