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НГО “Стелла” шукає учасника довготермінового проекту, пов’язаного з темами креативу, молодіжної роботи та міжнародної кооперації.

When: 1 October 2017 – 30 September 2018 (12 months)
Where: Sigulda, LATVIA
Financial conditions: the project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. All expenses for visa, insurance, accommodation, food and international travel costs are fully covered. The volunteer will also receive pocket money monthly.

DEADLINE: 1 September 2017

Activities and tasks of volunteers:

1. According to the project interest area volunteer’s daily tasks will include assistance to HOs staff while doing educational, creative and leisure time activities with children and young people with disabilities. As a part of HOs’ team volunteers will have opportunity to take part in arrangement of annual Latvian festivals (Michael, Martin, Christmas, Easter, Midsummer etc.) or HOs’ events – concerts, theatre performances, sports events, charity markets etc. Volunteers will be involved in all process – planning and organizing of activities, evaluation and feedback.

2. Volunteers’ creative activities for HO and local community: each of volunteers during the project has to offer and realize (with help from HO staff) 2 new activities, for example, photo exhibition, excursion, some event according to his / her skills / wishes / national traditions, etc. It gives a wide opportunity to show volunteers talents, creativity, entrepreneurship and communication skills in order to invent new traditions, games and workshops suitable HO or local community. We are expecting that the results of volunteer’s activities will be also tangible things such as calendars, postcards, videos etc. HOs has well equipped room for seminars and that could be used for volunteer’s creative and learning activities. Volunteers are welcome to bring songs, games and introduce their own culture and traditions as part of intercultural learning.

Hosting organisations:
1) Waldorf’s kindergarten – kindergarten with alternative education for children of age 2-7 in Sigulda (www.valdorfabernudarzs.lv).
The main activities or tasks of volunteers will be assistance to kindergarten staff in their daily work with the children and have a chance to learn Waldorf pedagogy by watching and participating in all kindergarten activities.
The main task will be: participate in classes (painting, music, crafts, theatre, gymnastics, etc.), prepare materials for activities, help to kids during meals, dress up, dishwashing, making beds, doing different outdoor activities, etc. and participation in the work of non‐governmental organization as valuable team member.

2) Youth Centre of Sigulda – kindergarten with harmonically education for children of age 2-7 years and playground area, idea house for youngsters of age 8-20.
The main activities or tasks of volunteers will include daily assistance to CCS’ staff while doing educational, creative, and leisure time activities with the children / youngsters after school (for example, help in doing homework’s, playing games, painting, crafts, modeling, etc.); and as a part of CCS’ team volunteers will have opportunity to take part in arrangement of annual Latvian festivals (Michael, Martin, Christmas, Easter, Midsummer etc.), CCS’s summer activities (day camps, music and art festivals, street gymnastics etc.), afternoon parties, music or foreign language clubs, etc. They will be involved in all process – planning and organizing of activities, evaluation and feedback.

3) NGO “Hoping Wings” – organisation for children and youngsters with disabilities.
“Wings of Hope” is the non‐governmental organization established in 2003 to provide social services for children and young adults with different types of disabilities and to support their families, as well as to promote a positive public attitude towards people with functional disorders. Every year more than 70 children with disabilities (and their families) can regularly receive a variety of professional services in WH’s Day‐care Center in Sigulda: counseling, babysitting services, therapeutic exercises, speech, art, music, dance and pet therapy, etc.
In the daily work and social services of WH are involved more than 20 personal (social workers, caregivers, trainers, therapists, speech therapists, etc.). For more information about WH go here: www.ceribusparni.lv/en (in English).


  • Age 24-30 years old;
  • be available for the whole duration of the volunteering period and pre‐departure training;
  • strong motivation for work in selected area (! not required to have a previous experience in a working with children and / or young people with different types of disabilities);
  • work requires psychological and physical resistance, patience and compassion;
  • volunteers must be active, flexible, creative, responsible, with good communication skills, ready for team work;
  • volunteers must be non‐smoker and without substance abuse or criminal history.

In order to apply please send your CV and motivation letter in English (no more than 1 page) to evs@ngo-stella.org and make clear why you’d like to take part in this project and which hosting organization would you prefer.

In the subject of your e-mail please indicate “EVS 4 sustainable life”.

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