ЄВС-проект в Італії

Харківська НГо “Стелла” шукає учасників для цікавого ЄВС проекту в Італії, що пов’язаний із роботою з біженцями. Більше інформації про проект надаємо нижче.

Dates: clarifies 
Place: Lazio, Italy 
Type: EVS 
Participants: 4 
Deadline: 16/04/2017

The Evs project 2017-2018 “Take Your Place” is a project which takes place in Rieti and Passo Corese (a little village nearby Rieti). It will host 4 volunteers, 2 male and 2 female volunteers.
“Take Your Place” is a project that promotes solidarity and self-help for minor and adult refugees who arrive in our country and in the city of Rieti, which are in a state of great distress . Minor asylum seekers and refugees are welcomed into three appartments in Rieti, while the adult refugees live in Passo Corese. Volunteers are engaged and will be engaged in activities aimed at facilitating their integration path alongside the operators of the project. Moreover EVS volunteers will be enganged in the promotion of solidarity, awareness campaigns, cultural activities (cineforum, music events, gastronomic intercultural events, art laboratories). Evs volunteers will be involved in the Social Soccer (sport as social inclusion); in the Social Vegetable Garden ( social economy and agricultural social development); Youth Action promotion. 

Specifically, the EVS VOLUNTEERS activities include: 

  • Meetings with minor and adult asylum seekers and refugees , to the establishment of a relationship of communication among peers, informal exchange of cultural backgrounds , history , experiences, 
  • The accompaniment and support in routine activities that beneficiaries must attend daily at the various offices (eg, mail or grocery shopping ) 
  • Participation and organization of intercultural awareness as Refugees the day , the week against racism, the day of volunteering , in order to produce information materials by themselves designed and built. 
  • Volunteers have free choice in the expression of their creativity and in bringing innovation in our project , create events. They are producing materials (short films , photographic exhibition, radio programmes, theatre lab., social football, etc), with the support of the operators.
  • many activities about the ARCI association; training course, creative lab., public events, cineforum.


The volunteers will gain the skills and knowledge with the method of ” learning by doing” , co-working, and more , adding gradually and simulating the work of operators .

“Take Your Place” aims to: 
1 – awareness , growth and responsability engaging young people in the community and the current problems of our historical reality , 
2- Provide key competences for the volunteers, the one needed in the labor market 
3- Enriching and donate new and different tools to the local community by creating the conditions for an useful exchange, 
4 – Create the rating plate group , an environment more welcoming , supportive, healthy and active in order to facilitate insertion into the territory. 
5 – Responding to the specific needs to all actors in the process creating the potential opportunity to improve their future . 
6- Build partnerships with the sending organisations in order to facilitate the future co-project activities.

ARCI is an independent association of social and civil promotion. It is composed of 5.600 clubs and over 1.100.000 members. Altogether they create a rich democratic tissue and active participation all across Italy. 
The history and the values of ARCI have their roots in the 19th century tradition of mutual solidarity and people’s self-organizing capacity, the union of people sharing interests, political ideas of democracy→ Arci was founded in Florence in 1957 
ARCI – Comitato di Rieti was born in 2001 as an association of social and civil promotion, it works to support the most vulnerable such as: immigrants, marginalised people. It works to disseminate a solidaristic culture in terms of promotion of Rights, empowerment of the disadvantaged groups, social responsibility against racism and gender discrimination. 
It also works in the promotion of Youth Action, Youth Policies with projects like the Civil Service and the European Voluntary Service. 
The Association is working in order to create and implement the network of organisations and institutions that will cooperate together and create the general framework of the upcoming activities such as: workshops- oriented on the expression of creative capacities and the strengthening of individual skills, the Social Theatre laboratories – oriented on the expression of emotions and the analysis of their experiences.

Financial conditions 
The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program. All expenses for visa, insurance, accommodation, food and international travel costs are fully covered. The volunteer will also receive pocket money monthly.

For applying 
If you want to apply for this project please send your CV and motivation letter to noemifiorillo@gmail.com. In the subject of your e-mail you should indicate “EVS in Italy. Take Your Place” till 16/04/2017.

In your letter, please indicate that your sending organization is Kharkiv non-governmental association for active youth “Stella” with EI accreditation number – 2015-1-PL-01-KA110-017829.

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