7 вакансій ЄВС-волонтерства в Італії

НГО “Стелла” шукає волонтерів, які б хотіли поїхати на один з семи проектів від чотирьох громадських організацій. Серед тем проектів – робота з дітьми, молоддю, літніми людьми.

Дедлайн на всі проекти – 17 грудня.

Детальний опис англійською:

Place: Bilingual Province of Bolzano, Italy
Dates: September 2017 – August 2018
Duration: 1 year
Age: 18-30
Expenses: international travel, insurance, visa costs, accommodation, money for food and pocket money and provided by the grant of the European Commission.
All the 4 partners are based in the bilingual Province of Bolzano (German and Italian) that is why it is good to know at least one of the 2 languages.
4 different projects:
1. ASSB managing several nursing home – 2 vacancies available.
2. La Strada an organization working with children and youth facing several issues – 1 vacancy available.
3. CARITAS is involved in supporting people at risk of social exclusion – 2 vacancies available.
4. VKE works with children and teenagers to promote the right of young people to play – 2 vacancies available.

All the information about 4 projects can be found here – http://www.incoweb.org/News/Living-a-volunteering-experience-in-a-bilingual-Province
Application procedure:
1. Fill in the application form – attached.
2. Send us your application form to evs.stella@gmail.com by December 17, 23:59.
3. If you would like to apply to more than one vacancy, applications must be done separately – the documents and evaluation must be specific in different emails with proper subject.
!!! It is important to remember that application cannot be sent separately by the volunteers. You have to apply through our sending organization. Therefore, after filling in the application form, you have to send it to us and we will forward it to our Italian colleagues !!!
Photo by Christian Pitschl

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