ЄВС-вакансія у Німеччині: початок у червні 2017!

Приймаюча німецька організація шукає волонтера для роботи з молодими людьми із маргінальних груп населення (мігранти, біженці і т.д.) задля допомоги їм інтегруватися в сучасне суспільство. Подаватися слід від НГО “Стелла”.
Детальний опис англійською:
Place: Berlin
Dates: 01/06/2017 to 31/05/2018
Deadline for applications: 28/02/2017Project aim 
Since one of the aims of host organization is to facilitate to the smooth integration and inclusion in the society of young people from marginalized groups (migrants, refugees, etc) by improving their language skills, they are looking for young motivated, open-minded and tolerant people who wish to work with that sensitive target group.
The objective of the project Volunteering as Way to Support Integration of Migrants in Germany is to engage the volunteer in the conduction of some of some projects related to the development of innovative teaching methods and acquisition of new skills. Also the volunteer will be stimulated to implement their own ideas by assisting in the development of different OERs for languages. The projects which the volunteer will work on are connected with the personal and professional development of young people from marginalized groups, mostly migrants and refugees, through elaboration of innovative and often social media based methods that stimulate the learning of a second language.

Volunteer activities 

  • Getting to know the Erasmus + programme
  •  Learning how to develop different language learning tools
  • Assistance with the distribution of information materials
  • Assistance with the organization of integration courses for migrants and refugees
  • Preparation of new project proposals; the volunteers will be able to suggest ideas which are in the area of their own interests for future projects in the area of teaching and innovations
  • Integration advising with migrants and refugees
  • Administrative work
  • Learning how is functioning a language school with multicultural staff

The volunteer will be working 34 hours per week and will have two days-off every week (Saturday and Sunday). He is also entitled to 2 days of vacation per month.

Profile of the volunteer 

He/she will have to demonstrate a strong motivation and interest to work in the field of language training and integration of migrants in society. He/ she should also be tolerant, open-minded and wishing to enhance his/her intercultural communication skills. A good level of English is necessary in order to communicate smoothly.

The volunteer will be enrolled into the online language learning system of Erasmus where he/she will be able to learn German. If the volunteer is motivated to learn German, host organization will also include him/her in our courses and thus he/she will get additional German language training.

The participation in the project is free for the volunteer. Only if the travel expenses (plane tickets) exceed the grant awarded by the Erasmus programme, then there is a slight possibility that the volunteer should pay a very small part of the tickets. The volunteer will receive a monthly amount for covering their food costs. Apart from that he will receive an weekly amount for their pocket money. Apart from this the costs for public transport in Berlin will also be covered by the Erasmus programme and the volunteer will have free Wi-fi at their apartment. The volunteer will be enrolled in the EVS medical insurance for free and will have a mentor who will meet him/her every week in order to help with personal problems and discuss the learning progress of the volunteer.

For applications, please, send your CV and motivation letter (no more than one page) to evs.stella@gmail.com till 28/02/2017 23:59. In the subject line specify: “EVS in Germany. Iberika”.

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