У зв’язку з неможливістю учасника взяти участь у проекті, НГО “Стелла” терміново шукає волонтера для довгострокового ЄВС у Німеччині, пов’язаного з роботою в молодіжному центрі!
Детальний опис англійською:
Where: Saerbeck, Germany
When: 1 December 2017 – 31 August 2018 (є можливість розпочати проект пізніше, ближче до січня)
Deadline: 06/11/2017, 23:59 за київським часом
The youth Welfare Office Steinfurt is regionally responsible for the youth politics, the youth professional aid, the co-ordination of the open and associated youth work, as well as for youth-specific topics.
The project is a youth center in Saerbeck that is supervised by two full-time social workers. Their work is supported by freelancers and the European volunteer.
The youth center offers demand-oriented projects and activities such as a regualer sports meetings, hip-hop dancing groups and regular special activities like trips to the schwimming pool, kids parties and trips to other towns. In holidays there are different extra activities (e.g. creative or cooking workshops). The youth center welcomes children and youth of any origin. The work is based on the interests, desires and needs of its visitors. It expects and supports the visitor’s own initiative and self-dependence. It cooperates with other organizations and institutions in the town.
The goal of the EVS project is to support the work in the daily routine of the youth center and complete it with own ideas and projects of the volunteer. The presence of the volunteer should also raise European awareness among the children and teenagers.
For the actual realization, the volunteer will be integrated in the team in which she should work independently after a phase of orientation. In the team, the volunteer’s experiences will be reflected.
The volunteer will work in the afternoon and evening.
Furthermore, the volunteer will work in a house of multi-generational living. He/she will work in group meetings that will take place weekly and will learn about structured group processes and the planning of group activities.
Additionally, volunteer will attend team meetings and special events. He/she can also participate in weekend trips and the summer camps (2 weeks from 8:00 to 16:00).
Depending on his/her German knowledge and the related visits of the language course the working hour may vary. Volunteer can visit the language course until completes level B1.
Working hours – 30-35 hours per week;
Accomodation – the volunteer is accommodated in a host family in the project’s city. The volunteer has a single, middle-sized, fully furnitured room. A kitchen and a bathroom are shared with others.
Food – the coordinating organisation will transfer a monthly amount of 236,00 Euro to buy food directly to the bank account of volunteer. Pocket money – the coordinating organisation will transfer a monthly amount of 110,00 Euro directly to the bank account of volunteer.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Interpersonal and social competences
The educational methods of learning by doing, non-formal education, empowering young people and encouraging them to take responsibility. Develop a mutual understanding in an European context & the importance of being an active European citizenship. Learn more about the own personality.
  • Cultural expression knowledge about German culture; willing to show volunteer culture and spread the multicultural projects.
  • Communication in a foreign language
  • ability to communicate in German in order to feel more integrated among the others; positive attitude in learning process of German language; persistence to improve communication in German language.
  • Aged between 18 and 30 years;
  • Resident of Ukraine;
  • Motivated/interested in the theme of the project;
  • Availability to actively participate in all the phases of the project.
How to apply?
In order to apply please send your CV and motivation letter in English (no more than 1 page) to evs@ngo-stella.org and make clear why you’d like to take part in this project.
In the subject of your e-mail please indicate «EVS in Germany, Saerbeck».

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