Програма обміну “Мости”

Нова програма для молоді, яка представляє національні меншини. У ході програми учасники відвідають  Німеччину та представлять німецьким учасникам Україну, а також попрацюють над спільним проектом.

Дедлайн – 9 серпня.

Детальний опис англійською:

The Society for Threatened Peoples and the Ukrainian non-governmental organization DEVAM (“continuation”)  are looking for participants for the bilateral project “Bridging Bridges Between Minorities in Germany and Ukraine”.

In the course of the project, the participants will take part in encounter visits to Germany and Ukraine and work out a joint project idea focusing on a minority-relevant topic.

Meeting in Germany: September 25 to 29, 2017

Meeting in Ukraine: November 13 to 16, 2017

The meetings will enable the minority representatives to get to know each other and to gain an insight into the institutional structures of the partner country. In the thematic workshops and lectures, the participants will be able to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the political and legal status of minorities in Germany and Ukraine.

The main questions of the encounter project are:

  • What role do the national minorities play in shaping the political and human rights agenda in Germany and Ukraine?
  • What forms of political and cultural representation are there in Germany and Ukraine?
  • What are the younger generation’s visions for a minority policy in the respective country?

The aim of the project is to further exchange and cooperation between minorities and indigenous peoples and to establish a long-lasting cooperation between minority representatives from Germany and Ukraine. In the course of the project, the participants will develop ideas for cross-border cooperation.

Bridging Bridges Between Minorities in Germany and Ukraine” aims to improve the political and legal position of autochthonous minorities – and to promote diversity, tolerance, and minority rights all over the world.

The working language is English. The costs for the events, the seminar documents, accommodation, meals during the meetings, and the travel expenses are covered by the organizer.

Більше деталей та аплікаційна форма тут: http://www.gfbv.de/en/information/spotlights/a-human-rights-organization-for-all-minority-groups-in-ukraine/building-bridges-between-minorities-in-germany-and-ukraine/

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