Програма “Tandem Ukraine 2016-17”

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Відкритий для аплікантів/ок з України, країн ЄС, Молдови, Росії і Білорусі.

Tandem – міжнародна програма співпраці для творців культури та їхніх організацій. Програма підтримує розвиток партнерств, що направлені на сьогочасні соціальні виклики і можливості. З моменту свого створення у 2011, Tandem підтримав довготривалу співпрацю, обмін знаннями і можливості мережування для понад 250 культурних менеджерів/ок з більш як 100 міст у 35 країнах ширшої Європи. Наразі діє п’ять програм
Тандему, що зосереджені навколо різних регіонів і тем.

Детальний опис англійською:

Tandem is an international collaboration programme for cultural makers and their organisations. The programme supports the development of partnerships that address current social challenges and opportunities. Since its inception in 2011, Tandem has supported long-term collaborations, knowledge development and networking opportunities for more than 250 cultural managers from over 100 cities in 35 countries across the wider Europe. There are currently five Tandem editions which focus on different regions and topics.

Who is it for?

Tandem Ukraine 2016-17 helps establishing long lasting collaborations between cultural managers and their organisations from Ukraine on the one side, and from EU member states, the Russian Federation, Moldova and Belarus on the other.

The programme invites people that work in organisations and initiatives that bring about positive change in and with their communities. These cultural managers are motivated to explore unconventional ways of working with and through arts and culture, putting their cross-disciplinary experience to the test. Tandem is looking for socially committed, empathic, highly motivated, dynamic, open-minded personalities, ready to experiment with new social designs and extend their cultural work to new topics and disciplines.  The programme addresses cultural managers both at the beginning of their career, as well as experienced professionals.

Criteria for the applying organisations:

  • be based in Ukraine, in one of the 28 EU member states, Belarus, Moldova, or the Russian Federation
  • be an independent cultural NGO, a non-hierarchical and open-minded public institution or a civil society initiative which is well rooted in a local community and has an established professional network
  • have the (organisational and financial) capacity, ambition and experience to engage in a one and a half year intensive international programme
  • commit to providing sufficient working time of one cultural manager (ca. 12-15 weeks throughout 1,5 year programme)

Applicants need to have a good command of English language in order to follow the programme sessions.

What does Tandem Ukraine offer?

The cultural managers selected to be part of the Tandem Ukraine 2016-17 programme will be engaged in an intensive one and a half year transnational collaboration process, which include:

  • 12-day working placement at the Tandem partner organisation
  • 4 international meetings with moderated peer to peer learning sessions and input by experienced trainers
  • start-up funding of EUR 5,000 for a Tandem pilot project
  • becoming part of the Tandem network of more than 250 cultural managers coming from ca. 35 countries in wider Europe

Through Tandem, participating organisations can confidently find their way to and into a complex international scene. Merging professional skills of the Tandem partners in a joint transnational project yields new insights and practical approaches.

How does Tandem work?

Tandem Ukraine programme activities include:

  • 5-day Partner Forum in Kyiv (20-24 April 2016)
  • 5-day Kick-Off Meeting in Germany (June 2016)
  • mutual 12-day working visits at the Tandem partner organisations (June 2016 – September 2017)
  • 4-day Interim Meeting (November 2016)
  • 4-day Final Meeting & Tandem presentations in Ukraine (September 2017)

Джерело: http://tandemexchange.eu/about-tandem/tandem-ukraine/

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