Тренінговий курс “Non-formal Education of The Physically Handicapped in Sport”

Харківська НГО “Стелла” шукає двох учасників тренінгового курсу, який відбудеться в Туреччині 26 квітня – 3 травня 2016 року.

Дедлайн: 26 січня.

Детальний опис англійською:

Call or 2 participants for the Training course in Turkey “Non Formal Education of The Physically Handicapped in Sport”

Dates: 26th April – 3rd May 2016


Participating countries: Italy, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkey

The training course of the mobility of youth workers, “Non Formal Education of The Physically Handicapped in Sport” consisting of seven working days will be held in Çanakkale, Turkey between 26th April and 3rd May, 2016. The training course includes trainings focusing on the problems of social inclusion of in general disabled young people, in particular physically disabled ones. The project which is concentrating on the topics of “sport and physical activities with the disabled”, aims at increasing active citizenship, the participation to the society and democratic life of disabled young people, supporting employment opportunities, , improving individual development, self confidence, basic skills, the abilities and qualifications, contributing to their awareness on healthy lifestyle. In pursuit of these objectives, disabled youngsters, young and active volunteers working with disabled young people, trainers and youth leaders with a manager of project partner non-governmental organizations working with disabled young people will participate in the project.

Profile of the participants:
Youth leader/trainer/teacher who is working with disabled youngsters. Between 18 and 30 Years old.

Accommodation and food: 100% provided by the European Commission.
Transport: provided with a limit of 275 euro per person
Condition: yearly membership fee of 20 euro
If interested please send attached application form and survey to info@ngo-stella.org till 26.01.2016




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