ЄВС-проект у Словенії

НГО “Стелла” шукає учасника для довгострокового ЄВС проекту в сфері педагогіки та психології. Детальніше – англійською мовою нижче.
Де: Kranj, Slovenia
Коли: 07/08/2018 – 07/07/2019
Дедлайн: 13/01/2018
Group home for kids with behavioural & emotional disorders in Slovenia.
Project description
A volunteer will be included in the regular work of residential treatment facility for kids with behavioral and emotional disorders, who need more attention with resocialization. The institution consists of 5 group homes, in each of them 8 kids live. 4 group homes are primarily focused on kids who are attending primary school, one group home is for kids that go to high school. People who work there are psychologists, social workers, social pedagogues. Future EVS volunteer will join the team as an equal member of the staff. He/she will help kids to be more included in the local community, to be more connected with other local organizations. The goal is to make them more integrated into the local environment and to overcome prejudices about the kids, which are still existing among the people.
She/He will be included in daily life in the group home (four times per week) and once per week she/he will work at the local organization. Sometimes work will take place also during the weekend.
Volunteer profile
Candidates should be motivated,flexible,patient,creative,open-minded,self-initiative,communicative,tolerant,interested to work with kids & adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders they should be able to speak english.Some past experiences from pedagogy, psychology, social work or/and youth leisure are welcomed.Ability in music,sport,manual activities,handcrafts,dances,art,multimedia would be also convenient.Future volunteer should bring in her/his own ideas into the project and be prepared to create,plan and execute her/his own projects.
How to apply
If you see yourself contributing to us on any field (with sports activities, art…) send an email with your CV and motivation letter to the coordinating organization Zavod O (international@zavodo.org). During the selection period we might contact you for further information through eMail and Skype!
Don’t forget to indicate that your sending organization is the Non-governmental organization “Kharkiv association for active youth” Stella “(PIC 947609200).
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