ЄВС-проекти в Польщі

НГО “Стелла” терміново шукає волонтерів для двох довгострокових проектів у Польщі.
1) European Integration Club at the School Complex in Wojkowice
Де: Wojkowice, Польща
Коли: 1st October 2018 – 30th June 2019
Description of Organization:
European Club is an informal union of students and teachers interested in the EU, other cultures and with the goal to learn and make a change for their own future and in their local communities.
Description of volunteers tasks at organization:
Volunteers primarily work with the European Club members and prepare presentations/workshops and other activities with the goal of making students in the Complex of Schools aware of issues related to disabilities and Europe (culture, customs, traditions, political and economic situation, attitude towards European integration, an average citizen life conditions and the reality of everyday life etc.). During long breaks between lessons volunteers can organize activities in the hallway in school. They have their own “voluteering corner”, where they can use to inform the students about EU programs, interesting initiatives and useful information. Volunteers are also asked to organize individual (English) conversations with high school students and help them improve their language skills. Volunteers can also cooperate with local youth club, primary school and kindergarten. From time to time they will be invited to make their presentations/workshops about disabilities or about their country in other schools in the area. Volunteers have a chance to learn how to change their own ideas for non-formal learning into practice. The volunteers will also assist at a youth day-room “Tlen”, where will prepare activities for children according to their interest.
2) Special Kindergarten No 393 in Warsaw
Де: Варшава, Польща
Коли: 1st October 2018 – 30th June 2019
Description of Organization:
Special Kindergarten No 393 is an educational establishment for physically disabled children (cerebral spastically, genetics definitive etc.). There are 30 children aged 3-10 divided into 4 groups. Some children are able to walk and some are able to communicate verbally but some need help with all basic movements and operations. The pedagogical team is supported by specialists that lead different therapeutic activities (such as speech therapy, dog therapy and others).
Description of volunteers tasks at organization:
Volunteers participate in the classes and help the staff. They help changing children’s clothes, feeding the children or help them eat their meals, go to the toilet. There is a special kindergarten plan which educators must follow but there is also some space for their own creativity (proposing theatre instead of reading to children for example or exercising their artistic talent preparing materials and scenery for kindergarten plays and seasonal ornaments etc.).
Volunteers can also suggest educational group activities and/or individual work process for one child, all under supervision of an educator. Volunteers are also involved in preparations of festivities for the occasion of traditional Polish holidays (e.g. short theatre plays for parents).
Volunteers can learn a lot about different methods of working with children with various disabilities. They have a chance to see therapeutic meetings, learn about adapted computer programs and didactic tools.
We are looking for volunteers aged between 18 and 30 years, legally residing in one of the Program or Partner Countries. We seek a balance of varied ages, genders and nationalities amongst our volunteers.
We are not looking for experienced volunteers but those that would learn a lot during the service in a given receiving organization.
Apart from personal motivation of volunteers our requirement is volunteers’ strong will of learning Polish language after selection procedure successfully ends.
We ask each candidate to send us filled out OUR APPLICATION FORM (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ur5xevzhoym3w3k/Application%20Form_Vol.5_ErasmusVolunteering.doc?dl=0). Candidates can add other documents/personal presentations/ videos/photos/motivation letters to the application form, if they want but please know that applications without our form will not be taken into consideration.
Please send applications to: evs@schuman.pl. and to evs@ngo-stella.org In title please write: APPLICATION 2018.
Since we don’t have a lot of time until the deadline we will deal with matters as they arise and analyse the applications as soon as possible.

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