ЄВС-проект у Падуї

Спливає дедлайн подачі заявок на ЄВС-проект в Італії. Серед завдань волонтера будуть такі – підтримувати роботу інформаційного офісу, давати уроки своєї рідної мови, імплементація проектів мобільності, робота з літніми людьми.

Дедлайн – 16 грудня.

Детальний опис англійською:

Place: Padua, Italy
Dates: September 2017 – July 2018
Duration: 10 months
Age: 18-30
Language skills: basic or medium knowledge of Italian is preferred
Expenses: international travel, insurance, visa costs, accommodation, money for food and pocket money and provided by the grant of the European Commission.
Progetto Giovani is searching for 2 volunteers for the in-coming EVS project. Ufficio Progetto Giovani is the Office of the Youth Policies Department – Municipality of Padua, which promotes services and realises initiatives in favour of the local youth.

Main activities:

  • informative front office
  • cultural events organisation
  • linguistic tandem learning with young Italians or mother tongue foreigners
  • participation to the implementation of mobility projects
  • testimonies about the voluntary service during meetings with student delegations in schools or universities
  • Recreational and animation activities with elderlies
  • After school activities for underage people
  • informative front-office during afternoons (counselling in the research of work and formative opportunities, computer support)
  • intercultural evening to introduce the volunteer’s country of origin
The volunteers will be hosted in a two bedrooms apartment rented by the Municipality of Padova and situated a few minutes from the historic down town and the activities locations.
All the activity premises are situated in spaces regularly served by public means of transportation and easily reachable also with own resources. In order to allow volunteers to be more independent and quick in transferring from one place to another, they are normally assigned a bicycle.

Volunteers who have relational attitudes toward children and elderlies, and who are open to meet and co-operate with youth, will be particularly valued.
We suggest a basic knowledge of the Italian language.
We will positively value the following attitudes:

  • predisposition to human interpersonal relationship;
  • good motivation to the project themes and proactivity;
  • interest in the projects developed by the distinct areas of engagement;
  • adaptation skills and capacity to manage the work schedule and tasks.
Application procedure:
Send an e-mail to: evs@comune.padova.it and evs.stella@gmail.com, writing in the object mail “ EVS 2016 +Name+Surname”, attaching your CV and a motivation letter in English (if Italian is spoken, both in English and Italian). Preference will be given to applicants with a basic or medium knowledge of Italian.

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